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  1. xime54

    Spider V remote version (win 10) does not work!

    Thanks for your answer both of you, I removed the soft, update the drivers, re install the app, and it works! Fine! Thanks Maxime
  2. Hi every body, I am using a SPIDER V 30 since 6 month, and I am almost satisfy with it. Almost because the android app doesnt work on my phone (galaxy S6), fortunately for my it works on my old android phone (galaxy S4). I was very happy to see there was a Windows 10 app => dowloaded it, tested it and... WTF with that??? Can't recognize the SPIDER 90% of time, when it is recognise, it crashes.... I can't test it!! I am the only one? Any idea of what I can do? Thanks Maxime
  3. My galaxy s6 with android 6.0.1 doesn't work!!