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  1. Thanks for this ansmwer. I reseted my helyx with factory preset (bank ans preset) and used my backups to load again personal preset. Conclusion: don't hesitate to backup!!
  2. Hi every body, I've just made the update from 2.7(?) to 2.82, all was done well. BUT: this Morning I was workin on a preset, tried to change the name, and BOOM I have this error message: What I am supposed to do? Since, I can't access to the Library where this error occured from HX edit ,and all the preset Inside have changed in my HELIX.
  3. Hi every body, I'm trying to use my amp (ORANGE TH30) with my HELYX LT (4CM) and I have some trouble: My tone: I have a chain of blocks, an FX LOOP block, a pre amp, and another chain of blocks. - If I want to play with the sound of my TH30, the FX LOOP block is activate, and not the pre amp block : everything is fine. I can use my TH30 volume knob to have more or less sound. - If I want to play with another sound: I turn the FX LOOP block off, and the preamp on. BUT: I can't control the volume directly from my amp, only with the volume button of the HELIX. Even with the amp volume button set to '0', I have sound. Is this normal? I'm not very familiar with this, I usualy play directcly in the HELIX, with headphones. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your answer both of you, I removed the soft, update the drivers, re install the app, and it works! Fine! Thanks Maxime
  5. Hi every body, I am using a SPIDER V 30 since 6 month, and I am almost satisfy with it. Almost because the android app doesnt work on my phone (galaxy S6), fortunately for my it works on my old android phone (galaxy S4). I was very happy to see there was a Windows 10 app => dowloaded it, tested it and... WTF with that??? Can't recognize the SPIDER 90% of time, when it is recognise, it crashes.... I can't test it!! I am the only one? Any idea of what I can do? Thanks Maxime
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