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    PCB for spider 4 amp

    try this if you still need it http://www.fullcompass.com/brand/LN6/Replacement-Service-Parts.html?brand_id=LN6&rewrite_name=Replacement-Service-Parts&sortChange=1&categoryOrder=Bestselling&ipp=100&view=Grid
  2. leon_meertens

    Spider Iv 75 Looper Problem

    hmmm strange just tested again and mine doesn't change (the loop),even with overdubs on my amp if i record a loop and switch between a b c and d or bank up/down the loop stays the preset it was recorded in,so in my opinion it is possible or is my amp/firmware wrong or broken,i don't believe so,i hope not ;)
  3. leon_meertens

    Spider Iv 75 Looper Problem

    i just tested it myself and it is possible to record loops and switch channels a,b,c and,even when going up or down banks ,tested on l6 spider IV 75 with use of an fbv shortboard mk2, hope this helps
  4. mmm yamaha isn't wel known for it's updating history,i (used to) own several jamaha products and i've had lots of trouble with the lack of,stability and the way they present the updates,so as for new updates,not likely to happen any time soon if at all, so i'm worried,is this the end of our line 6 as we know it,the user friendly compagnie??? i don't hope so!!!
  5. leon_meertens

    Line 6 Spider 3 (150w) Power Cable

    lost mine to,use a computer cable
  6. hey,i use my pocked pod with rechageables 3 years now,i just bought better once,cost a little more,but low self discharge and very very long use time i use Sanyo AA NIMH 1.2 v 2700 mAhi charge once a week at 1 to 2 hours playing a day so i believe its save,in my un expert eyes that is