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  1. One of the more frustrating aspects. "must be yur pc hurdahur."
  2. FWIW if anyone else is in this same boat. I am also using an M.2 NVMe as the OS install location(Disk 0) and 2 SATA drives in RAID for storage(Disk 2). Anyone else having this issue want to verify their disks?
  3. I got curious and verfied my disk enumeration and pulled the video card. I have 2.9 working on the onboard graphics. You are probably right on this. Really nice grab. Kudos to you for your efforts.
  4. I'm not a Windows expert so I can't say much about a display adapter interfering with the drive enumeration. Other than to show that there is a faithful reproducer from your work. And I'm not sure if it's leading to just one issue. Honestly, I'm not really feeling like doing any more work on this, since its working for me (for now). I hate to have my house of cards Line6 software crap out now that i'm actually able to use it.
  5. Nice troubleshooting. I'm wondering if this is part of the application load process now. I'm thinking instead of a hardware check it's trying to find license or user info or something that looks for user info and the disk enumeration throws off the process. Also, you have a typo in your cmd. DiskPark should be DiskPart. edit comment. I'm sure we all have submitted SOS or system logs and hardware info with our Bug reports, so L6 should have the info and be able to correlate. FWIW I also use SATA storage in a RAID config on this system, the OS is installed to a different local disk.
  6. I updated 2.9 and graphics are ok so far with the Nvidia adapter. Issue started in 2.8, installed Nvidia adapter as a workaround.
  7. In my situation the onboard intel graphics was an Intel P530 that did not work and gave me the blank screen. Switching to the Nvidia Quadro FX1800 adapter seems to get the Helix Native plugin and HXEdit to render graphics and not freeze the DAW when loading Native. All drivers and OS updates were up to date at the time of testing.
  8. I wouldn't expect much from a reinstall I think you'd arrive at the same place. So here's my question for you: Edit 2.8.2 was working in Windows 10 until a Windows update broke it. Can you undo the update?
  9. You can probably back-rev the device and HX Edit back to the working versions and get edit to play in 2.7. You would lose any of the newer features in 2.8+. This worked for me for my testing. Assuming something 2.8+ in the way that graphics are rendered. IIRC the process is still active in the system even when you have no graphic output.
  10. By not using HX edit or Helix Native. Edit: 2.7 worked, I could always roll back version if I wanted to.
  11. I can reply to this with a follow up. I just seemed to come up with a workaround yesterday. In my case, my windows 10 machine was a 1 year old purchased HP system no mods, no homebuild or add-ins, strictly used for music production. Helix Native and HX edit works fine in older versions (<2.7 or so) but doesn't display anything after the 2.8 releases. I ended up adding a video adapter to the system to test this out. Adding an add-in graphics adapter and letting windows 10 choose the correct drivers seemed to have resolved the issue but I am still monitoring this. That said, the onboard graphics adapter was using the latest drivers available and I had tried to use a number of different drivers to remedy this but to no relief. I did submit a SOS report and system analysis to Line6 for any support but wasn't able to get over the hurdle. Maybe this can help, but adding in additional hardware to a preconfigured system provided a workaround.
  12. Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 & HX Effects. When using channel select from HX with effects in effects loop or 4CM there is a very loud hum. Unusable in this state. Using the marshall footswitch with 4CM is fine. Have verified global settings and HX effects input settings as welll as loop settings on amp. When using modulation effects the hum is in time with the modulation. It's as if the amp switching is tied in with effects loop. Any tips?
  13. I'm depressed to even address these statements but here we are. It does not have to effect everybody for it to be a bug. Also, there are other people having this very same issue with different hardware and software configs. I bought hardware that uses and promotes the HX edit software as a feature and means to control the hardware and I get on fine without it. Also, I attempted to purchase the HX native plugin but it didn't work in the trial period so I didn't buy it because it didn't work, although I wished that it had. I have offered everything that I can to Line6 to troubleshoot this problem for me and everyone else that is having it, but no takers (other than you). Repeating my first reply to this thread: How does this excuse L6 from supporting the software on an OS that they claim to support? what does this even mean? Use it or don't we don't care? The product HX Native is not an addon or free. That product is also exhibiting the same issue( as noted in the title of this thread ). I am seeing exactly what the thread creator is seeing. So I chose to not purchase that product. It is still not working for my(and other users') platform. I chose to not own it, because it doesn't work for the system that it is supposed to work with. So do you have a fix or are you just suggesting that I switch my whole rig back to Apple? Speaking for myself and others, we'd just like the software to work. Thanks for the headache.
  14. I'm sorry that you find my comments ignorant. I feel that if I am a paying customer I should get the paid software to work on a supported device. You state that L6 will work with me to solve my problem but L6 support hasn't worked with me yet and I've lodged my bug with them in the beginning of October. Also, I'm not the first person to see this issue. If anything I am coming from a position that software development is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it. But, when you charge money for a software product, and don't support it, people aren't going to buy it. Dare I say that even Apple has pushed updates that has borked applications? I mean it happens pretty frequently across all OS's. I don't have to qualify my statement with an "as a....", this is just a fact. PS. anyone In Colorado that is having this issue can bring rd2rk their pc for support. Please let line6 know you've closed out the bug. Buggy software happens. Abandoning the platform for Apple isn't the answer.
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