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  1. Thank you very much and thank all the friends in the official forum Wish you all,good New Year !
  2. HI every one I have a problem. can every one advise me for some help? My TAP footswitch is broken now,but I don't want to ship back to the factory for repair Is an external footswitch pedal can support TAP function? I read the specs and found that it only works as FS1-6,you can switch the preset/bank/snapshot, and doesn't support TAP function?? thank every!
  3. yes, mcrawf001,the same issue!
  4. HI,thank for your reply。 I've set it to Global Before Posting this topic FW is1.3,but it seems strange As I said, every time I press the pedal to min, and then restart the machine, it‘s loudest when is turn on, even though the pedal is already at the top ! Is this normal??
  5. Hello everyone, I found a problem when USING POD GO I always put the volume pedal to the highest(min), But then when I turn it on again the volume is the maximum,Is there any way to solve this problem? I am very grateful to the friends of the official forum who have provided me with a lot of help. Thank you again!
  6. Excuse me!Does anyone know how to do a factory Settings for POD GO? For example,restore the factory presets, clear all user - defined presets, etc ...
  7. Thank U, before this I‘m not on V1.30 SO I upgrade my firmware to 1.3 now,and under observation!Thank you very much If there is no problem, I will give you feedback immediately and thank you again!
  8. This problem, which started out infrequently(It doesn't come up very often) but recent days IT has become more and more common ..Thank U sorry for my Poor English,I‘m chinese..
  9. I just bought a new POD GO, but The knob is not working after using it for a few days,like this video What can I do to solve this problem?thank U very much every one! 吉他张君_死机.mp4
  10. I am a Chinese user, low level of English. Please don't mind...
  11. HI,recently I used my computer(WIN 7) to upgrade the HX STOMP I didn't install HXEDIT, but downloaded and successfully installed UPDATER and driver。After opening UPDATER, I did not enter the user name and password, but directly clicked OFFLINE Then I loaded the flash memory file, and then clicked UPDATE to start the upgrade. After that, It did not reach 100% progress, but jumped to the picture below(11.png). Then restart the computer, the Updater is not working properly(22.png), Then restart effect unit, the machine can not be started now, see picture 33.jpg。and updater is not working(the same as 22.png) What should I do next??thans alot
  12. I tried to hold FS 1+2+3 and turn the power on, but it didn't work well,this time HX STOMP was even worse。 Is there anyone who can help me,Thank U all your guys!
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