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  1. Cool thanx guys, will look into it.
  2. I just got my DT50 and read that there needs to be a firmware download for use with the POD HD500X. My question is: Can you download the firmware update by running a midi cable from the DT50 into the POD and the POD into computer via USB? If not what would I need to do to make sure my amp is up to date?
  3. Thanx man. I will look into setting up with 7/8 in the future.
  4. Thanx Zap! Couple of questions for you. First what are the 1/2 tone 1/4 etc...... In the past with my old computer I would record in Sonar 7 and use the 1/2 out and things worked fine with my Emu 0404 sound card. Well they worked as fine as I could get them to work with a weak cpu and limited memory. Aslo I plan on getting Presonus Audiobox 22VSL as an external. My question about that is: Can I use that as my media soundcard as well as my recording sound card? Again I appreciate the help.
  5. Appreciate the repy, will go get an external sound card then. Hoping I wasnt going to have to do that, but I don't want to have to plug in and unplug stuff alot.
  6. I am trying to set up my podx3 live and I am having some issues. I have the dowload monkey and all drivers are up to date. I plugged my pod into the usb port but I am not getting any sound. I am using windows 8 and I am still trying to figure it out, so maybe there is some kind of config I am missing. I am using the built in sound card, Realtek High Def Audio, and have 2 KRK speakers running into the headphone jack. As far as playing media, I get sound from the computer just fine. Also, I am going to be recording using Sonarx2, so any suggestions setting that up with the pod would be greatly appreciatted.
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