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  1. Yes, that's what I mean - the PodFarm patches should show up in Reason's Line6 device. The Gearbox patches are available, but the PodFarm patches show up with "missing modules".
  2. An Update: Reaper recognizes PodFarm.:) Reason does not.:( The installer has messed up my sound card. I am on a mac and and the top drop down shows my firewire interface and toneport. All my other sound outs are nowhere to be found - built-in output, all the aggregate devices created, my computer monitor. I have restarted a few times and no go:< Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Thanks again for your help! I own both Reason and Reaper, so I'd like to see how PodFarm fits into my workflow with both programs. Since Podfarm will be computer authorized, I will not necessarily need my USB Line 6 interface. So my firewire interface should work?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I wasn't aware I could upgrade to PodFarm 1.12. I don't have a VST version - if that makes any difference. Also, I was interested in the computer authorization method for PodFarm. (didn't that start with 2.5?) re: download 2.55? Don't you have to pay for that? Sorry for all the dumb questions! I rea;;y don't have a clue here. Being computer illiterate, I tend to avaoid downloads and installs as as much as I can, I had huge problems awhile back with the monkey, so I am hoping for just a nice easy install, When I download and install, I suppose that I still have to connect to the internet and Line 6 to authorize to computer? And through monkey? Thanks again mate!
  5. Hi guys- I am looking into buying PodFarm. Currently, I have a Toneport and Gearbox - meaning that I have to have the Toneport plugged in for Gearbox to function. From what I understand, PodFarm can be somehow authorized to the computer - without having to have A Line6 device attached. I would like to install PodFarm Free onto my computer - but I am afraid of messing up my Gearbox setup somehow. I would like to demo PodFarm Free and also have my Gearbox stay as is for now. Can anyone advise me in this situation? I appreciate any help. Thanks!
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