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  1. sounds normal to me but try updating it
  2. well after 3 years now i have a pod x3....but i solved the problem by just changin the power conector inside the pod!! just that, after that i sold it
  3. is better to learn how to use it...
  4. yes! and it is amazing!! i still use it as a sound card and i record a lot, i don't use any other pedals..my gear is my pod x3 and beyerdynamic 990 monitors, also built a i7 computer and that's it, check my souncloud https://soundcloud.com/pure-metal
  5. sup guys!! I have a problem with my pod and im pretty sad :/ i use it everyday for playing and listening music. The problem started like 2 months ago it randomly stop the audio service in windows and when it happens you can see the line6 logo in the pod lcd screen, like it turn off and on by it self and i had to 'real' power it off and on again and it always worked. Like 3 weeks ago i was hard to turn it on, i had to power it off and on like 3 times and it worked, today my pod is finally dead, it won't turn ON. I disconnected everything but nothing happens. I have the original power supply with the line6 logo on it and it works perfect (9.1v). thank you
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