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  1. The TT is after a Rivera RockCrusher, so a single 1/4" unbalanced low impedance line level signal is going to the front guitar input on the TT and I am using the two 1/4" main outputs on the back that are going to an H9 Max. There is no way for it to sound 100% wet without being unbearably loud and clipping everything else in the signal chain that is after it. I HAVE figured out a way to make it 100% wet but it is not stereo. I can do this by using the "Amp Output" instead of the left/right main outputs and this method DOES work as intended and the AMPLIFi TT is a serial part of the chain without the dry signal being blended in when it is not intended to be. However, this way is completely mono.. It is still at the same spot in the signal chain (afer RockCrusher but before H9) and I am mostly just using Chorus/Phaser/Flanger/Vibe effects which do ok in mono since that is how most analog pedals are. At this time, I don't think that the AMPLIFi TT can be used in stereo and have 100% wet effects. There is some really wonky gain staging that always leaves some of the dry signal blended in parallel when you try to use the main Left-Right outputs for stereo effects. I have tried every combination of setting levels within the unit that are possible. Hopefully somebody else will find this useful if they are trying to do the same thing in the future.
  2. Hi everybody. I have a slightly odd setup with Pedals, Several Amps (only using 1 at a time), and I run the amps through a Rivera Rockcrusher which goes into my Audio Interface and then I practice with headphones on using convolution software with cab impulses. I would like to use my Line 6 Amplifi TT sort of like one of their stompbox modeler pedals and bypass the amp sim, cab sim.. pretty much everything except modulation, delay, and reverb effects. The problem is that unless you have all of the various volumes knobs turned all the way up.. you are always hearing some of the original signal that came into the Amplifi, and an effect that is set to 100% wet can never actually sound 100% wet. I have been testing it with a delay set 100% wet which should only let me hear the delayed signal. Attached are some pictures that describe what I tried so far. anything in between these values yields a mixture of the dry and effected signals. Only one of them is truly 100% wet but it is also unbearably loud. The gain staging of the Amplifi doesn't make a ton of sense.. Delay 100% Wet: Can only hear Dry Signal: Can only hear Dry Signal: Can only hear Dry Signal: Can only hear Dry Signal: Can only hear Dry Signal: Sounds 100% wet but is EXTREMELY LOUD. It clips any pedals that are after it and clips my A/D converters on my interface...
  3. Hey everybody, Has there been any official word from Line 6 on POD Farm support for PT11 and AAX 64 bit? I have Amplitube already and it has been working great in PT11 for over 7 months now. I am seriously considering selling my POD Farm iLok license and ditching POD Farm and Line 6 all together. I really liked POD... but it needs to work, and that isn't harsh or demanding. It has been long enough. -Sam
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