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  1. Hey, I have just a fast question. Do programmes for editing tones in POD HD xxx have any problems on High Sierra like POD X3 with Gearbox?
  2. Dawid959

    Upgrade from X3

    Hi, is it worth to update from POD X3 Bean to Amplify FX100?
  3. Hey, I have MBP 13" 2014 and POD X3. I had some problems with configuring POD Farm, Gearbox and generally to hear something what I played but it already worked fine. But something happened and programmes again can't see my POD and I can't hear anything on MB's speakers. I tried to uninstall all and install new copy but it doesn't work now. I can't install drivers, Gearbox and POD Farm. They still don't see my POD. Please give me solution how to uninstall ALL and install again everything and what versions of programmes I should use... I'm wonder if something broke deep and if I buy POD HD it will work fine or the same what with X3...
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