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  1. Hi all, Using the Stagescape M20D, I recorded my band practicing last night and would love to know how to play back just selected tracks so I can jam along with the recording. I realize that I can import the tracks (drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals) into my DAW, create a mix for me to practice along with on guitar, and then jam to that, but it would save me some steps if instead I could just play back the recorded band rehearsal using the M20D, somehow mute the guitar track, and then jam along with that, through the M20D. So what I'm trying to do is play my guitar through the M20D while I jam along with a recording made with the M20D (and being played back on the M20D), while muting selected tracks (the original guitar track in this case). Does anyone know how to do this? I scanned the manual and am not finding any obvious references to it. Thanks for your help! Scott
  2. Hi Bassman, Thanks for your reply. I was able to copy all of the files off of the SD card, except for the files from the recording session where the error message appears. So it appears that a handful of files became corrupt. I like your idea of just formatting the card every so often to keep corruption and fragmentation to a minimum. We've got a gig coming up, so I'm going to buy a second SD card, use that from now on, and keep the old one as a spare. Spares are good when gigging... Thanks again for your help. I'll post a follow-up if I encounter any other issues. Cheers, Scott
  3. Hi all, When my band and I rehearse, we record our practice sessions to an SD card in the M20D because once in awhile, we'll play a song really well and will import the tracks into ProTools and turn it into a demo for our website. While practicing along with one of our recordings tonight, playback suddenly stopped and the M20D displayed the following error message: "A problem occurred during recording or playback. (code -41)" I'm guessing (hoping, actually) that it's corruption of the SD card I was playing back from and not a problem with the M20D. I've played back this same file from the SD card many times on the M20D without any issues, but tonight the problem began. I rebooted the M20D and playback stopped and the error message appeared at exactly the same point in the song. Has anyone else had an issue like this, and if so, how did you resolve it? FYI: I'm still at v1.1 of the firmware. I'm hesitant to update to v1.2 with a gig approaching, but will do so if I've got good reason to believe it will fix this issue. I'm copying all of the files off of the SD card and I'm going to format it and see if any of my Mac disk utilities can identify any issues with it. Thanks for your help! Cheers, Scott
  4. Okay, just got off the phone with Line6 Tech Support and it turns out that Digital-sound is correct. Line6's intention for the Media Player was to act as a simple event DJ at your gig by playing music while the band sets up and/or tears down, therefore any playlist will loop indefinitely, even if it's just one song. The workaround the Tech Support guy at Line6 suggested is to create a second track that's long and blank, which will give me time to dash back to the pedal and hit it again to stop playback. I think I'm going to do exactly that, but I'll probably also add some sort of audio cue (like the sound of me tuning my own guitar) so that when I hear it between songs, I'll instantly think, "I'm the only guitar player, why am I hearing someone tuning their guitar when it's not me? Oh yeah, that's the M20D's media player still going, I'd better go shut that off." I did request that the Tech Support guy escalate this to the product manager for possible inclusion in the next firmware update so that looping vs. non-looping becomes a user-selectable preference for the Media Player. You can help by writing to Line6 and requesting it. I know when the M20D first came out, there was a thread dedicated to feature requests for the next firmware update. I'm not sure if that's still around, but if it is, that would be another good place to request. I'll look for it. Thanks again, everyone, for your help! Scott
  5. Thank you for replying. Wow, I'm blown away that Line6 would intend for a backing track to loop! That just doesn't make sense to me. It basically makes the feature of the media player useless for my purposes. As you point out, in the heat of battle (playing a gig), you're probably not going to remember to jump on the pedal again to stop the track from starting over. I'm going to call Line6 tomorrow and ask them about this. If their answer is, "Yep, that's how we designed it," then it's going to be back to using an iPod for us. Anyone else have any experience with this issue?
  6. I would try downloading and installing a bunch of free (or demo) audio conversion apps. These would be apps that can convert from .wav to .mp3 and so forth. I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them might be able to read the file and give you usable audio up until near the unexpected end of file. Try QuickTime 7, it sometimes surprises me with the things it can do. If you want to post the file to and send me a link, I'll see if any of my Mac audio utilities can read it. Good luck!
  7. I have the M20D and I totally love it. We're a three piece band and it gets challenging when we want to play something that has multiple guitars or a keyboard in it, so the solution we use is to create the backing track in Pro Tools, save it as an MP3 file, and then play it via an iPod, and perform along with it. The iPod was a bit inconvenient and we wanted to centralize audio control while playing live, so we've copied the MP3 file to the SD card in the M20D, added the song to the M20D's play list, and added a foot switch to the M20D to trigger the audio file to play. Problem is, once the file finishes playing and the song is over, the M20D's media player keeps looping the MP3 file, over and over. The foot pedal I got is a really nice unit that has toggle switches for "Momentary" vs. "Latched" and also for reversing polarity. Although I haven't played with the polarity, switching from "Momentary" to "Latched" hasn't made any difference; we play the backing track and perform along with it, and then it loops and begins playing again. I haven't been able to find anything about this in the Advanced manual. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get the track to just play once without looping? Thanks for your help! Scott
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