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  1. Thank you very much moogary that has been successful. Have you any idea why it wont install automatically with the install wizard? Regards, simbo.
  2. Hi, Can anyone please help me. I have tried to update the drivers for monkey in the normal way for my pod HD 500 I have done this on numerous occasions without any problem but now I am getting a message telling me I need to do it manually as there has been an error. I have manually downloaded the driver updates but don't know how to put them into Monkey. Can anyone help Please. Regards, Simbo
  3. simbo

    Hall of Fame effect

    Well thanks for all your help and input brue58ski CHEERS. Simbo
  4. simbo

    Hall of Fame effect

    Hello Indianrock2020, I am just playing for pleasure but thanks for your input. Regards, Simbo
  5. simbo

    Hall of Fame effect

    Thank you very much for taking the time to give me all this information brue58ski its's really appreciated and I will give your suggestions consideration. It has been sometime since I have used these forums and seems to have altered a little, how do I give you a rating? Kind Regards, Simbo
  6. simbo

    Hall of Fame effect

    Cheers huubdijckmanns.
  7. simbo

    Hall of Fame effect

    Thank you napynap, I will give that a whirl CHEERS. Regards Simbo
  8. simbo

    Hall of Fame effect

    Thank you so much for your help with this Brue58ski it's good to know some people know what they are talking about. you've given me plenty of good info to follow up on. Can you recommend an effects board that you would rate above the Pod HD500. I ask because you obviously now your stuff and the PodHD has quite allot of stuff to contend with. Regards Simbo.
  9. simbo

    Hall of Fame effect

    Hello Blue58ki, Yes that's the sound i'm looking for. Is there a particular amp model I should use or a specific reverb? Regards, Simbo.
  10. Hi Guy's, Can anyone please tell me how I can achieve that Hall Of Fame effect that you hear on songs like Wicked Game. And how to get the effect that Lindsay Buckingham gets in his solo on Landslide. I am using a Pod HD500 through a Line6 Spider Jam. I would be grateful for any input CHEERS. Simbo.
  11. simbo


    Hi, Thanks for your input on this. Is there a fx box I could buy that you could recommend that would give me the sustain. Regards Simbo
  12. simbo


    Hello, Could anyone please tell me were I can find Sustain in the effects on the pod hd500 all software is up to date and running the latest version. Regards Simbo. :unsure:
  13. Thanks so much for that silverhead, that's grate.
  14. Hello, Can anyone please tell me when I have downloaded a customtone how do I put it into my own pod hd500 and how do I select were I wont to put it on the pod hd.
  15. Thank's guys its all a big learning curve, and I am just at the start of it. And having my fare share of problems with the setup, such as thumping when changing patches with the HD500 and interference.A bit peeved at the moment to say the least when you shell out this kind of money for a rig. :angry: CHEERS. simbo
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