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  1. Level problem is most likely faulty hardware Line 6 just wont admit it.
  2. This is not the last time it will fail. Get your money back.
  3. Problem solved for me. The shop took it back. Its not a live mixer. Not any thing works as it should. I bought a behringer x32 Everything sounds much better now. Lorte line6 spasser røve.
  4. You are kind of spinning the issue.. Before i had a yamaha 01v. And i never never ever had anything like this. Some thing is wrong with the mixer. Deal with it. After next gig it will be sent back for repair og replacement for a not line6 mixer
  5. Its fine if i change the channel Pop sound is also there with no mic, but its louder when mic is plugget in. It also shows at the meter. I have a Furman powerconditioner hooked up also. Last gig it was channal 9-10 + monitor C that was bad.
  6. I know that it is a hardware fault. bad connection. and every 1 min there is a pop sound.. ex, speaking in mic and the meter doesnt move enough. but if i yell one time the meter goes back to normal.. and sound normal again. The monitor drop out ?. dont use it in rehersal situation.. Where is the tap tempo by the way..? UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE
  7. Same problem as many others. The idea of the mixer is fine, but it is lollipop programed and built Channels dropping out, auto trim some times bad, very slow when recording, monitor disapear My cables works, so dont give me any crap about cabels. This is the Second mixer i have, the first one was realy bad... this one work 7/10 times. and thats not good enough.
  8. I have the same problem..!!!!!! and I have only had the mixer for 1 hour.. crap....!
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