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  1. Yes all the effect will be heard in the headphones.
  2. Amazon is horrible for things like that. I have bought a few things from them that have been obviously previously sold before and I have bought things that turned out to be grey market when i went to register them. Up to you if you send it back, but i know from my experience i will never buy something expensive from Amazon again.
  3. I have had my M20D now for a couple of years. It has never left my studio. I have all the inputs loaded up with mics and instrument cables. Lately now I have been having trouble with input 2. I have inputs 1&2 being a stereo pair to bring in my TC Helicon Voicelive 3 outputs. They are XLR. It keeps losing input 2 when I turn it back on again and thinks I plugged a mic into it and creates a new icon and calls it mic. When I unplug and replug input 2 back in the green lighted #2 by the icon on stage flashes very erratically. Almost like it is shorting out. I have tried multiple different cables with the same results. But the strange thing is that when I speak into the mic input number 2 is not glitchy in its output. I have had my M20D setup like this from day one without any issues like this at all. It has worked flawlessly. Now all of a sudden its making me very frustrated. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on? Also I might add that before this was happening for a couple of weeks now It would lose half a signal in the output. I would speak into the mic and the left channel would be showing twice as much output as the right channel. Then upon unplugging an replugging it fixed it. But now not so much.
  4. Don't hold your breathe on a firmware update. The last one was well over a year ago. I have been asking for a long time with no response. Looks like they have abandoned this mixer.
  5. I have the same problem. It has never worked for me. Only the all inputs and mains recording works to play back.
  6. they are recorded dry. also whenb you play them back on the M20D you can edit each individual track to suit your needs... (reverb etc..) makes a great tool for sound check. Have the band play one song and they dont have to be there anymore.. But yes it records dry.
  7. I hear ya brother. I have been posting the exact same thing on their Facebook page too. And on the idea page. It would be a real shame if they decided to end it here. It would also be the last thing I would ever buy from line 6. I hope they come back with some updates and support for this unit soon.
  8. Mine gets stuck like that when my SD card is in... but you already tried taking yours out... Sorry... Not much help. Maybe try to reinstall the 1.20 firmware... I noticed this issue was only there once i updated to 1.20 never happened in 1.10.
  9. Thanks guys... I will try everything you have suggested tonight...
  10. Hey everyone. For my lifetime i have been playing Gibson, and Jackson, and other guitars with hum buckers. Now just yesterday i went and picked up a Fender American Deluxe Strat. Because i love the feel and the way it plays and have always liked the sound of them. But when i brought it home and plugged it into the HD500 and it sounds like total crap! Thin weak sound with no sustain, and terrible effects... However when i plug that same guitar into another multi effects processor (VG99) it sounds great with the amp sims and effects. Am i missing something? Is there a setting that i am missing in the main setup or something? I have been really enjoying the HD500 with my other guitars, but cannot for the life of me get these Fender single coils to sound even usable. Does anyone else have this issue? Can anyone help? I should also point out i am running the HD500 into an M20D and out to L3t PA
  11. I am looking for a great tone for "The Offspring" for an HD500. Mostly to emulate the song "come out and play" clean and dirty sounds.
  12. I think i may have figured it out... I removed the SD card. The SD card had the firmware update and backups on it. Ever since i removed the card it has been flawless for almost a week now. I will reformat the card and try it again. Crossing my fingers.
  13. One thing i haven’t tried is to go back to version 1.10. Is this possible? Then reinstall 1.20. I have just tried to reinstall 1.20 over top of the existing 1.20. Can a person go backwards in firmware?
  14. Really no help from the support ticket i created… They just want me to send the unit in for repair.
  15. You could have a look at reaper. Fairly inexpensive and fairly good entry level daw. Used to be free. But I think they charge a little for it now. http://www.reaper.fm/download.php
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