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  1. Chalk up another user with freezing issues. Both on boot up a couple times and now frequent while editing with Mac edit. I’ve also lost connection to Mac several time while maintaining functionality of pedal. A couple times lost connection with Mac and pedal bricked. Bought second hand...latest software, only had a week. Love this thing but no way it’s going to a gig....bummed. just did a factory reset...testing now.
  2. You obviously aren't aware that I am the guy that put the P in DSP and for your sales of amplifi I'll just have to take your word for that. The dust collecting on the demo units at music stores in town is obviously part of its distressed look. I even saw a store that was giving away a free bowl of soup with every amplifi purchase. Hmm. My guess is we could better spend both of our time. Take care. No harm intended. I'm probably taking this too far. We are obviously both annoyed with each other. Peace
  3. Jeez- sensitive subject for you I guess. I wish we were aquatinted so that we might put a wager on the timeline until amplifi is discontinued due to terrible sales. But we are off subject obviously.
  4. Not trolling. I've spent enough money at line 6 and have earned the right to express opinions Ina public forum. I share my experience here for many reasons. In part because I see the frustrations from other owners here and want to let them know they aren't alone. I understand my posts don't seem productive and express too many opinions.
  5. I am a consumer. I don't care how and why it was made like that. I only care about the end product. The limits of the DSP were a small part of why I didn't keep mine. There is a long list of issues I had with unit, but basically I think it boils down to one simple issue. Line 6 grew too much too fast. Yes the hd line was widely popular however many of your fans such as myself will think long and hard before jumping into another line 6 product? For example I'd be willing to bet without having any insider knowledge that your amplifi line has been a flop thus far. Part of the reason for this is that many of your fans of digital modeling have been lost or scorned. I'm sorry I don't write this to be such an lollipop. I have since realized that the issue may be with me. I should lower my expectations of what some of this price point units do. You get what you pay for and many of these units are very affordable
  6. I still have a couple line 6 pedals but I grew too frustrated with the hd line and sold my unit. Saved all my penny's and purchased a kemper. I am so pleased with this unit that I haven't once thought about an update that may or may not come to the kemper. ( they do come fyi) I feel like the hd line was released too early with bugs then line 6 realized that they needed some redesigns. to try to save the line they added the 500x. Unfortunately it's the same unit. It's not going anywhere. I bet they abandon it soon. Cut losses and move on. Actually there are no losses for them as they sold a lollipop ton of units but clearly they don't have processing power to handle more functionality like the x3 and other predecessors. Which indecently they DID set a precedent with all the extra functionality with prior floor units. I purchased mine on those assumptions as I bought an x3 right as hd came out. I found out x3 is discontinued and now it's about the HD line. So naturally I would think the company would build upon what they have already created....but alas no. Too bad. Line 6 is going to circle the drain soon. Don't shoot the messenger.
  7. I bought HD500 because the X3 live was so jam packed with features that I ASSUMED that they would continue that logic with a NEW and IMPROVED line. My mistake. Lesson learned. Waiting for another company to step forward in this price point so I can move on. IMHO Everyone is entitled to that .... right? Don't get me wrong. HD is a great little toy....I'll say that again...TOY
  8. I appreciate you posting this just for the mere fact that I too have struggled with this thing since it's inception. Loved my x3live but the HD has been pretty much a giant let down. What do you expect from a $500 all in one pedal though? It's sits on the shelf and from time to time I pull it out and give it another try but alas....sounds like poo poo. I know I know fanboys that it's operator error. You should recieve two complimentary sound engineering classes with this pedals purchase. How many EQ's does one patch need? Sheesh.
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