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  1. Hey guys, I recently bought a Macbook Pro Retina with OSX Mavericks, tried to install my Toneport DI-Gold I used to use on my previous Mac (Snow Leopard), the License Manager only recognize and authorized my new laptop, but won't detect my Toneport. As a result, I can use Pod Farm 1.12 (I don't have Pod Farm 2) without all the included models in DI-Gold. I read people using PCs managed to solve the issue by running in compatibility mode, what about the good fellas under OSX? Could this problem come from the Line6 Server having trouble authorizing device? Many thanks, been trying to fix that for days
  2. Same issue here when trying to get my Toneport DI-Gold to work on my new Mac. The Licence Manager would only show anything but my Mac. Does the Line6 servers are having some troubles or has it to do with drivers ?
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