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  1. Okay - to explain this better... the venue is a closed pub which blasts rock music through the same sound setup when a band is not playing live. So I'm wondering if those songs sound good on the PAs, then the PAs must be configured to play general music rather than having FRFR output, right? In that case, if I my POD is plugged in to the same PAs, will my patches which I create on the FRFR headphones sound good? Should I be asking the venue to specifically get FRFR speakers or am I worrying about this too much? Just not able to understand this - because I have seen bands playing with great sound in HRC and then once they stop, recorded tracks start to be played and both sound pretty awesome. How is this possible using the same sound setup?
  2. Thanks cruisinon2. I know what you said make sense. I have since read countless articles about how important it is to build tones using a flat sound source. I think I will have to shell out that extra $80. Arghhhh. I believe you get what you pay for. One more question - do the PAs which are normally used during live gigs have a flat response too? I'm not sure what I will get during my live gig, but imagine JBLs. How do I know that they are not configured to sound like my sound bar? If they are, wouldn't the patches that I make using the AKGs sound terrible on them? Or is the only way to fix this would be to know what kind of sound gear I'm going to be playing on during the gig?
  3. But if that's true then does that mean I always need to use both 1/4 outputs? I'm asking because I'm pretty sure the live setup that I'm going to have will have a mixer which will have a single 1/4 input jack. Does that mean my sound will always be panned to one side if I'm using a single cable?
  4. Yeah, I tried to do that, but I'm getting a weird modified sound for every patch that I try. The modified sound seems to have an added delay over the original sound of the patch. I'm guessing that's because of the latency. So I'm going to try this out on another PC - hopefully that will solve it. Will keep you updated on what I find. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Hey Guys, Just got the POD HD500x delivered and starting to try out now. I used to use a Marshall MG15 CF amp but that's not available to me right now. Hence I'm wondering if I can connect my POD HD 500x to a Samsung Soundbar which I have been using as a computer speaker to listen to general music, watch movies etc (here it is: http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/tv-av/audio-video/soundbar/HW-J450/XL). Here's what I have tried: 1. Connected a 1/4" cable to my POD HD 500x 1/4 L output going in to the 3.5 mm Audio in of the Soundbar using a 1/4" to 3.5 mm connector 2. Used the same setup as 1 but connected to the Headphones output jack in Pod HD 500x instead of the 1/4 L output With option 1, I'm getting volume from only one side of the Soundbar (the left side). The tones do not sound too good either. With option 2, I do get sound from both sides of the Soundbar (L+R), but the volume output is somewhat low unless I turn the volume to about max on the POD and the Soundbar. Also, the tones sound all bassy. I'm sure the mids and highs are being cut off. Hence, here are my questions: 1. For the 1st option, should I be connecting a cable going to both L and R 1/4" outputs on the POD and then merging to a single 3.5mm connection as audio input to the Soundbar (something like this: http://www.amazon.in/Ugreen-3-5mm-Stereo-6-3mm-Splitter/dp/B01CI7J3OG?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00)? Willthis solve the PAN issue? Or can I tweak some global settings in my POD which can recognize a single output going through the L 1/4" output and play through both speakers in the Soundbar? 2. Is the Headphones output supposed to be used with speakers? Anything I can do here to make the tones sound better or is this as good as it gets? 3. Should I be using a pre-amp if I have to work through this setup? I don't own one yet, so need to figure out if I need to. 4. I need to use the same setup - POD going to a mixer connected to a PA system for a live gig and a few practice sessions before that. I'm afraid I might face the same issue there as well. What's the best practice here? Based on all the posts I have read on this forum regarding connecting the POD directly to the PA, I believe a single 1/4" cable will go from the L or R 1/4 output from my POD to a channel in the mixer to which the PA system is connected and then I need to tweak the Mixer in my patches according to this setting. Could you please confirm? I won't have access to a PA system and mixer until the live gig, so I'm terrified about going in blind there with terrible sounding patches. Needless to say, I'm just starting to figure this sound stuff out and learning more everyday. Would appreciate your support and understanding if my questions sound amateur. Thanks and have a great day!
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