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  1. I tried that but the POD has to be on and connected to the computer in order to download the update.
  2. I have the monkey app on the OS X Yosemite on my macbook Pro. This is for my POD X3 Live, and I'm trying to download the flash memory firmware, with all my drivers up to date, but everytime I try to download it it keeps telling me error code 80000005 which tells me to not have anything in the MIDI ports but I am using the USB port and I don't have any programs open that even use MIDI ports as well as nothing plugged into the POD as well. What do I do?
  3. I have all the drivers downloaded for my Pod X3 Live in OS X Yosemite and I try downloading the "Flash Memory" Device Firmware but overtime it keeps giving me this error code and I literally have nothing plugged into my pod and no other applications open that could possibly use MIDI. Does anyone know what I should do?
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