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  1. Thanks for the reply! That makes sense about the CD/MP3 Input. Just making sure I wasn't crazy. As for the AUX input, I still didn't get any signal but I shall double check my settings. Would you mind giving me a quick run down as to how to set up a dual path preset, or if there is a video/another forum about it? I want to make sure I'm doing it right, because I don't just use my iPod for those things. But if all fails, I figured I would just use the L/R in the L2m :) Just found it odd that there was no signal and I assume that using the L/R on the L2m would sound better in the end than through my POD. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Hello all, I recently bought the StageSource L2m, and loving all the neat things I can do with it through my Pod HD500X. However, I came across a problem the other day that I have been trying to fix and researching relentlessly. When I connect my iPod via CD/MP3 input > POD > L2m via L6 Link, I get no signal coming from my L2m (just guitar signal when plugged in). I've updated my POD, rummaged through settings, tried turning the L2m from Mono to Stereo, different aux cables, I also tried plugging in my iPod through the aux 1/4 jack on the POD and nothing. The only thing that worked is when I plugged my POD via regular line in. The whole reason I really wanted the StageSource was to be able to utilise the L6 Link capabilities with my POD and it is a bit frustrating that I am unable to with a simple connected. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a reason there is no signal? Also I know I could connect my iPod directly into the L2m via L/R input but I've done everything through my POD since day one. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
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