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  1. I was interested in possibly purchasing a G70 or G75. I have a guitar with two outputs. One for the standard pickups and one for the piezo. Each needs to go to a different destination. Can I go this with two transmitters and one receiver or do I need two receivers as well? Thanks.
  2. Yes. Noticed this during a FW upgrade which suggests it can be done and it's software blocking it. I would want the option to use it but not at the expensive of giving up the models.
  3. Raw non modeled signal like you would get from typical piezo pickups. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Is it possible to get just the raw piezo sound so the Variax can be used with something like an Aura Spectrum? Thanks.
  5. Sorry. I missed the subject on my mobile phone. Oops.
  6. Unfortunately the inspection they claim to do must be less than truthful. I received two variaxs from them that had problems that should have been caught in their inspection. The first (69) had a bad neck and terrible fret buzz. They tried to fix it and sent it back go me with with the tremolo about half an inch different height left to right to solve the problem and it still buzzed like crazy with the added benefit that the trem was unusable. To their credit they took back the guitar and covered all the shipping. Waited a couple weeks and got a different model variax (89) and it's in much better shape but some of the accessories were missing from the box. Hope to get those soon so I can really use it. So far the guitar plays nice but at this point I don't even know what firmware is on the guitar.
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