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  1. Have not considered those options. That can work in some presets I have yes. Thank you.
  2. I use my mic LIVE on acoustic gigs with the Helix and switch effects on and off for microphone in the WT singer/songwriter preset. I also use my electric guitar and when I do usually there's too many effects on the preset to fit a mic in. How or what can I use/purchase to be able to keep mic on in mixer at the same time so I can switch between the Helix being the source of mic and effects and the mixer being the main source. There must be some box that can switch the source of the mic between the Helix and/or the Mixer without having to unplug the mic and replug it in or having to 2 separate microphones. To make it clear, I need my mic to be available when I switch to my electric presets as well as my presets that have mic included. Would an xlr splitter be sufficient or is there a better switch box/alternative I can use so I can keep both mixer channels open for both different settings so I can instantly switch from Helix (going to mixer channel 1 for example ) to other mixer channel 2?
  3. Curious as to where exactly you connect your XLR on the mixer? Do you connect it directly on a track then have to readjust the eq on the mixer or do you somehow bypass all that and keep the original sound/tone of your Helix patches? Wanting to use the Helix for the first time with a mixer and kind of a newbie on using it with a mixer.
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