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  1. I using the POD as an effects unit only for my Mesa Mark V head, so I guess you could say standalone???? When you say use as a sound card, do you mean like sound card as in a computer?
  2. More and more I think about this, I wander if it is the way things are plugged in to the same outlet or not plugged into the same outlet. I will have to experiment further.
  3. ••• BUMP ••• Also, is there a way to measure the signal level coming out of the pod, going into the mark v head?
  4. I've researched some prior postings on the Line 6 message boards about my issue with squealing when my effects loop is activated running my pod hd500. I only use the pod for effects only, in 4 cable method, connected to my Mesa Mark V head. ( I've posted this issue on the Mesa boards, to see if they can give me any tips on the mesa end... POST COPIED BELOW ) As I've said above, I did research the issue with other users on this forum, but I have a rather unique situation. Sometimes the POD 4cm works great, and once in a while, I get this loud as heck squeal when engaging the effects loop on my mesa pedal. I cannot replicate this issue. Either it works most of the time and there's that once in a month or 2 where it craps out with that squealing. Nothing is changed on the pedal or the amp. I don't understand how this can happen. Either it works or it doesn't! Any tips or suggestions appreciated. ( posted on the mesa boards ) ********* I'm using a 4 cable method to hook up my effects board ( Pod HD500 ) to my Mesa Mark V head. I am not using any cab sims nor am I using amp models. This is strictly for effects only. Problem is, every once in a while, ( did it last 2 practices ) when activating the Mesa loop on my Mark V pedal, I'll get this extremely load squealing sound and I will have to rehearse without the POD. THE FUNNY THING is, I'll come back next week, and without changing ANY settings on the Pod or the Mesa, the amp and the Pod will work fine. I cannot replicate this issue on demand. Some things I've tried. All new tubes plugging the pod and the amp into different outlets turning on either the amp or the pod first tried the pod in 2 cable method ( just thru loop only, still got the squeal ) I'm at a total loss here, and would like some other diagnostic suggestions to try. ************************
  5. Sorry for being a bit lazy.... On one of my banks, when I switch from button A to B, my wah is already activated upon entering B. How can I set this so that when I go from A to B that the wah isn't on? I normally press the expression pedal to activate the wah and want to keep it this way.
  6. Yeah, makes me wander, got all the tubes from a buddy of mine who had brand new preamp, rectifier and power Mesa tubes. So this noise is still happening with new Mesa tubes. I still have my old tubes, barely past a year old and the amp isn't used a ton.
  7. Sorry I haven't posted in a while in regards to this thread, but I did manage to record what this issue was with my HD500 and my Mesa Mark V head. The phone recording isn't the best, so forgive me. It starts out with me strumming some chords with the FX loop engaged on my Mesa. Then near the end, I disengage my FX loop and the sound returns to normal. Keep in mind this is a 4cm method. After this was recorded, I tried the my POD 500 strictly in front of the amp and the effects worked. I then re-hooked up the POD 500 back to 4cm and alas..... It works..... No settings were changed on either the pod or the amp.... No idea how. http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/74145741/file.html
  8. Thanks so far Toneman, anyone from line6 want to chime in on this issue?
  9. I like your sig.... lol.... positive attitude! If I can get this solved, I may borrow that line!!! Since I've posted, here's what I've done. I disconnect the POD and tried the amp and guitar by itself, sounds fantastic. I swapped cords. I swapped tubes. I also tried the amp without the POD, testing it with the xf loop on and off. No probs. It doesn't seem to be an affected effect on the POD, but rather the whole POD itself. I've switched between multiple patches and still this issue persists. What really drives me nuts is that I'll take everything to rehearsal next week and it'll probably work and then prolly the week or 2 after this issue will come back. The only thing I have not done is a re-flash. What exactly did you do to solve your problem? I'm using this POD in the 4CM for effects only. No amp or cab sims.
  10. I can't seem to figure out this HD500 I have here. It's driving me nuts! I currently run the hd500 in a 4cm with a mesa boogie mark V head and a 2x12 recto cab. I have the patches, volumes and everything set where I like it and it sounds good. There are times where my effects like chorus and delay wont work or it's barely just barely perceptible and at the same time, there's a big volume drop when engaging the effects loop on the mesa. I'll show up next week and everything is fine, volumes, effects sound good and I haven't changed a thing with the board then a few weeks later, back to the same s**t again........ I can't pin this issue down.. I'm ready to smash this unit,,.,,, LOL.
  11. I just got that amp brand new, last November.... I can see how it may be that V6 tube. It wouldn't hurt to change it out and see.... Thanks guys, will try it...
  12. OK, I'm pretty much fed up with the POD 500 I have here. I'm using this thru a Mesa Mark V head for effects only, via the 4 cable method. When the POD500 was setup, it was working great, no problems, except the occaisional distortion that I've posted about before in here. Now the problem is that when I engage the effects loop, via my mesa foot switch, my chorus started sounding warbly, like some weird sonar-radar effect.... Then later I've gotten some nasty loud squeals. Please keep in mind,sometimes it works properly, then it does this... It works just fine again, then does it again..... I'm pretty much fed up with this. Has anyone here had anything like this happen to them? Is there something I'm missing. I love having the 4 cable method... but will the wah sound any different thru the loop? Perhaps I should ditch the 4 cm?
  13. If I were to turn up the volume on my amp, would that leave my fx unit, when engaged at a lower volume?
  14. I use the POD HD 500 with my mesa mark V for effects only via 4 cable method. I've set the volume levels correctly so that when I switch my EFX pedal on my mesa Mark V switch on and off, the volume levels are consistent. For what ever reason, the volume levels will change during playing. For instance, when I disengage my effects switch on my mesa pedal board, the volume is much louder. When engaging the pod thru the loop again, the volume is softer. Is there something that I should be aware of with an issue such as this?
  15. I'm looking to experiment with some 3rd party created patches. Does anyone have a link that I can find some of effects only patches, with no amp and cab sims? I'm looking to try new and different things to experiment with.... Every site I've checked out has patches with some sort of cab and amp sim..
  16. Sorry guys for not responding in a timely fashion. What I meant by power supply was not the power adapter, but rather the quality of the the electricity coming from the source. aka... wall outlet... Also, I think it also may be as to what gets plugged in where. I run a rather complicated setup that i would like to get away from. I have a Mesa Boogie Mark V head, with a Mesa Boogie 2x12 dual rec cabinet. I use the pod hd500 in a 4cm method strictly for effects only. No amp and cab effects. I also use g50 relay wireless systems for 3 guitars, with one base receiver and 3 transmitters, each on their own frequency. I've been paying attention to what gets plugged in where... I try to plug my amp into a different outlet than the pod hd. So far when I do this, I find that I do not get any issues.
  17. Would the quantity and quality of the electricity supply cause this?
  18. Forgot to mention that I'm using the 500 for effects ONLY. No amp sims or speaker sims.
  19. I've had similar issues with my 500... http://line6.com/support/topic/443-pod-hd500-help/
  20. Thanks! I will give it a shot soon, hope that clears things up. BTW, for anyone else that reads this, has anyone had any issues, like I described in my post at the beginning of the thread?
  21. Hello all, been having some frustrating issues with my POD 500. First off, my setup. Mesa Boogie Mark V head Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 horiz cab pod hd 500 RUNNING IN 4 cable method. It seems as if sometimes, everything sounds great, and I'll have a great show or practice. There are a few other times when I'll get volume drops when engaging the effects loop of my amp, and or my cleans coming out of my amp are really distorted. This issue happens with NO change to the amp or the POD 500. Does this sound like a defect issue with the pod 500? I mean, one gig, everything will sound great, no problems, and another gig I'll get volume drops, and horrible distortion on my Mark V cleans, which BTW, are some of the best I've heard! I haven't made any changes to my setup.
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