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  1. I have Amplifi TT with 2.1 firmware. Use Cubase 5.1 in Win 7 to record. Sound card is fairly old EMU and I like to use the EMU: mixer app which allows you to route ASIO devices to a strip on the mixer. Normally I use the EMU driver in Cubase. Installed AMplifi USB driver. In cubase if I selct the AMplifi driver as the ASIO driver works. Haven't tested sound quality but seems OK. Hiowever I want to use the EMU driver so can have all inputs in one place. To do this I need to be able to tell the AMplifi driver to send its output to a specific ASIO channel. Then can create a strip on the EMU mixer for this input and have all my input in one place. For example Guitar Rig in its preferences allows you to speicify ASIO channel output. I've looked in the AMplifi app and widows sound app in the control panel and can't find such a setting. OK Line 6 does this exist?? Can I aspecify ASIO output for the AMplifi?? Registry setting?? Another way or do I need to use the amplifi driver to use the direct USB recording.
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