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  1. The problem is that my sound is not due to a normal use of Podfarm, since it only works with the Large Plate 100% mix, not 99%, only 100%, it looks like a glitch. So I'm "stuck" with Podfarm without knowing what gives me that sound and feeling. And I would have liked to reproduce it with a better quality material, I had already tried with the HD500 without success...
  2. Well, as I said, it's more in the sensations in the fingers than in the sound itself that you feel a big difference. That's why I asked those who could, to try. I tried all I can do with LT and Hx Edit, bought Ownhammer IR etc... and the feeling remained "synthetic".
  3. Good idea OFF : ON : (with the exact setting of my screenshot in the first post, but it sounds better with 10% in delay and predelay) ("Gary Moore - Shapes of things to come" solo, sorry my hands are a little cold :) )
  4. Thank you for your comment, it will be very useful. This makes your guitar sound much bigger than when it is turned off. That's exactly what it feels like! When turned on, it sounds "fat and organic" with a lot of sustain, turned off it sounds and feels A LOT thinner, cold and flat. What's weird is that it looks like a "glitch", because it doesn't work at 1-99% mix, but only at 100% like in my screenshot. I'm going to inquire about the Gated Reverb, Thank you very much!
  5. Please, your ironic comments aren't funny...
  6. Well, it seems you're having fun with your sophistry. I'm waiting for someone with technical experience to do the test and give me their opinion.
  7. I also use an electric guitar of course.
  8. You're wrong, I'm not a twitter snowflake who need validation. I just want to know why and how I get this "perfect tone and feel" only with this large plate + this setting and not anything else. I've already asked the question on the Podfarm forum 2 years ago :
  9. Thanks, but as I said it's more about the sensations in the fingers than the sound itself, that's why I'm asking those who can test it.
  10. It's not a troll, I can't share a file because I have already returned the LT. But anyway, it's especially the feeling in the fingers... For those who still have Podfarm, try it, and tell me before accusing me of trolling. edit : here is a recording with podfarm and the "large plate trick" , but I'm not sure it would help.
  11. I asked for a refund of my Helix LT, because I get a better sound with podfarm and my UX1. How ? With the Large Plate Reverb "trick". In EVERY presets, add a "Large Plate" (and only this one) reverb with tone and mix to the max, you'll see! Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce such a good sound with Hx edit. I would have liked to know what creates this sound. (I play only at home with headphone)
  12. I discovered that when I setting the "Large Plate" Reverb (and only this one) mix to the MAX in Podfarm 2, I was getting an incredible sound and feeling for every style, as if my guitar came to life! Would anyone know what this is due to? I couldn't even get it with an HD500 or a tube amp, only Podfarm large plate with this setting works. Could someone tell me if it's possible to reproduce this sound on Helix before I buy it please ?
  13. I discovered that when I setting the reverb "Large Plate" (and only this one) mix to the MAX, (predelay : 0-30, decay : 0-30, tone : 100) I was getting an incredible sound for every style. Would anyone know what this is due to? It would help me reproduce that sound with a real amp or another software. I couldn't even get it with an HD500, only podfarm large plate with these setting work. Try it and tell me, because I can't play on anything else since.
  14. Why do I get great sound with my in-ear headphone (Shure E110) and not my speakers (Logitech z623 2.1) with Podfarm2 ? What speakers do you recommend for good sound? Thank you.
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