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  1. Thank You for making my upgrade experience to 2.6 stress and pain free! I can honestly say the hard work you have put in the firmware upgrade process deserves an award.
  2. stonefree01


    If there is an answer to this- please print it! apparently there are a few folks who purchased previously loved helix's with original firmware.
  3. Thanks for the help.....appreciate it!
  4. Have been playing with and learning the presets since getting helix ( most sound really good with minor tweaks) and still on the original firmware it shipped with. If you don't have any user created patches- do you still have to back up the factory presets and reload them from the 1.02 application when updating to 1.04.03? The notes say when you do the globals reset (9/10 switches) that it *restores factory presets*, setlists, ir's and resets globals. Also- updating to 1.04.03- will the 2 new delays be added when the factory presets are restored, or does an earlier firmware update need to be installed first? Thanks for your patience in advance!
  5. Went to the download page to get the latest (1.02.2) firmware...got the message "you're downloading flash memory 1.02.2" then got the file message before starting the download- what do you want to do with Helix_v1.01.2sha9c86959bundle.zip (open, save, cancel) size 2.50mb Why is the download file version different from the "flash memory" file version? Is this the correct version to use to get current firmware(1.02.2)?
  6. Still waiting on delivery.....so in the meantime- Will anyone who has gotten their helix load some 3rd party IR's and post their experiences from loading to playing- along with the type of IR's used? c'mon shipping notice....c'mon shipping notice......c'mon shipping notice!!!!!!! Thanks.
  7. Any info on Line 6( or other) cab IR's pre-loaded in the helix- or just blank slots for user provided loading only? Also- how about some video's of the amplifiers/cabinets with minimal to no effects ( to hear the tones in purer form). regards......
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