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  1. I didn’t even think about the PoE side of things. Iv ended up ordering a Cat6 that supports PoE and has same 24AWG rating as original cable... the thinner flatter cables didn’t seem to support that and most were 32AWG, plus they were also made from around 30% copper etc... apparently they are more prone to breaking so I opted for one that was 100%. I deffo will keep one as a spare when gigging. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated! Scott
  2. Thanks for the in depth reply, Its nice to know someone else is using a Cat6 :) i have read it’s backwards compatible so can work with cat3, cat5 and cat5e etc but didn’t wanna risk the chance of screwing up the pedal nor do I have a vast knowledge regarding Ethernet cables so wasn’t too sure. I got the pedal along with a spider 3 amp so it’s like over 10 years old now so mine will be outside of my warranty too. The cable that I have now is quite stiff, prob why the cable has split from using it at gigs etc so hence I was looking at a more flexible one. Iv noticed the cat5e has a rating of 24AWG and the flat Cat6 cables have ones between 28/32awg. As far as iv read the higher the number the thinner the cable/insulation etc and more prone to breaking compared to line 6s official 24awg. Would the higher thinner gauge be that much more problematic?
  3. Yeah iv seen that line 6 don’t really say much except to use their cable, parts etc like most companies do lol. Thanks for the reply :)
  4. Hi, I’m looking at replacing my original cable that connects my fbv express mkii pedal to my Spider V 240 head as Iv recently broken the clip on the rj45 connector and also noticed the plastic cable sleeve beginning to split due to wear and tear, exposing the inner wires. The writing on the cable itself says it’s a Cat5e cable and iv looked at the wiring pins/colours and know it’s a straight type, not a crossover type. My question is can I use a Cat6 cable to replace the cat5e? Iv heard that using the wrong cable can kill the amp and/or pedal. I’m looking at getting a nylon/flat cable for more durability instead of the cheaper hard plastic ones but can only find these types for Cat6 upwards. thanks scott
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