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  1. While my Amplifi is detected by Ableton Live, recording has noise issues (something like clipping). Has anyone faced such an issue? Addiotionally, is it possible in Ableton to use ASIO Amplifi as Input only and use monitors connected to sound card as Output? My monitors are connected on an M-Audio Fast Track and I can't seem to find a way to set Amplifi as In and M-Audio as Out. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
  2. I have had the same considerations after reading relative posts. Apart from the fact that full amps sound better to my ears, with pre models I cannot get the same volume level. I've replicated the DT settings in my HD500 with pre model (no effects at all) and volume level is at 50%. Is there a way to fix that?
  3. Has anyone used a stagesource with a tube preamp pedal (ie http://www.jedistar.com/Preamp_pedals.htm) as part of an electric guitar pedalboard? I'm interested in using a stagesource both for acoustic and electric settings. So the main question is if I can get a great tube-ish sound with the L2 in order to keep setup simple for both acoustic and electric gigs.
  4. Unbelievable.... I've been trying to solve this for weeks now. Thank you Astaroth_CY for saving me from madness....
  5. I've recently discovered the great idea of double preset switch on HD500, and I was wondering whether I could use my Behringher FCB1010 midi foot controller (I use that to control Ableton live) as Pedal 2. The FCB1010 has two expression pedals and it could save me the trouble of having and more piece of equipment...
  6. Great guys... Out for shopping now :)
  7. Great advice guys! But until Line6 adds a global eq to save us time and trouble, do you believe that a Boss GE-7 could get the job done when connected between HD and monitors?
  8. Thanks hurghanico! I understand though that this will not solve the issue... How do people performing live deal with this issue by the way? It is almost impossible to find the same equipment in every place. (yes, indeed I'm not filthy famous)
  9. I was wondering whether I can somehow apply 'global settings' to ALL presets of my HD500, that is adjust EQ in such a way that affects every single patch. Roland VG99 offers such adjustment which makes it possible to adjust all presets on ever changing live stage environments. Thank you in advance for helping!
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