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  1. Hey- I am so sorry it has taken so long to get back to you! I Had some medical issues…. but that is not what this is about…. just an apology! Your cables arrived on time, you kept me posted on every step of the way, and I am very grateful! i finally got the chance to to play w/ both lengths; 15' and 25' and THEY ARE GREAT! Easy to work with and do what they are supposed to! I couldn't be Happier! I really am looking forward to lots of fun with them. (the Shorter was for setup, computer, and etc. stuff, and longer for playing!) Thank you very Much! I look forward to future opportunities to communicate and I will be continuing to pass the word on to others... Again, Thanks Oh ! and Happy Holidays…... Later
  2. Thank you so much for the quick get back!! Really appreciate it. About the broken string, do you think it was a case of too much on the 'Thumb Screws" so to speak? did i cut thru it? Maybe? or just one of those things? it happens….! i did get a lot of dirt and grim off the fretboard and onto the cloth. Although the guitar is new, i think it must have been out for and while and some fair amount of play, testing, whatever, As is mentioned, there was fret wear in the strings. I may have really set my self up for a pain this time, but i will learn from it! I left the two E strings on and just sorta pushed them aside to clean the fret board. I also used a cloth/leather type support under the tail of the Trem, but I did rather quickly see that it was not enough to totally level the trem. well i still have more stings to put on…. I figured i'd better check out here, before going on, since what i thought was going to work, didn't go as planned…. I will look at the other tuners you mentioned, as i would like to do some upgrades to a couple of other guitars i have. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, really newbie to jtv and variax in general, so please bare with me! I understand the idea, and process of changing the strings one at a time…. but clean rosewood fretboard and fret wires, don't you need to remove all or one example i heard was the inner 4 strings, Clean replace the inner 4 and then the 2 E strings? Is it safe to block or shim the tail end of the Trem to keep it level, and remove all the strings? and I think I just tightened the locking pin too much, as when i started to tune ( before stretching Elixirs ) my A string just Twanged and broke at the tuning head. Too much Locking ???? this is the first time i have changed the strings. only had the guitar for a while, but the strings had fret wear, so I jumped in head first…. Thoughts? Suggestions? laughs are understandable! thanks in advance!
  4. Hey, they look great! what'a 25' in the USA gonna run? HD500 and JVT 69. now i am REAL Newbie to both of these toys, and it will take me years to wade through all the info and possibilties….. will this connection power and charge battery in the gutiar? Or does it reduce the number of of connections to get one attached to the other? Thanks for your patience, in advance! Kip
  5. Hello- my first time out here! i tried the JTV69, and loved the sound, It was straight Guitar, no battery in it so I could try out the models, but i had read a lot of post about battery issues, charging not working, firmware glitches, blah blah blah. So I guess what I am asking is, have these issues been cleared up? Do anyone know or have an opinion on them? thanks
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