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  1. Just tried the 48k workarounds, playback works (although when I reset my PC I had to change the buffer size on the ASIO driver) although recording is still broken for things such as Skype. Can see the input being recognised in POD farm, and it works in FL Studio, but no where else. What's interesting to note is because I can change FL Studio so it sees and uses only ASIO UX2 as my default sound driver it works like a charm for playback and recording, no popping, no crackling. Worked the same with Reaper, as soon as I try using something that doesn't have the same ASIO support (I.e. Skype or teamspeak) it goes wrong. Not sure if everyone else has seen the same results... Either way the fact that this has not been fixed yet is disconcerting to say the least considering their key rivals have already got all this sorted... Might end up losing another customer to Focusrite...
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