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  1. Hi, I'm possibly missing something obvious but I'm having trouble with assigning the fx tweak to the mix control in my delay blocks. I can do it just fine when I plug an external expression pedal in but can't get it to work using only the built in exp pedal. Reading the manual it mentions the 'inspector pane' in Editor in which there are options for 'pedal mode' but I can't see this anywhere on my app. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. That's great, I can crack on then! Thanks.
  3. Hi, having recently acquired a Firehawk fx I was wondering if it's worth updating (my version is V1.30.30) Would there be any benefit in updating, or have there not been many changes since this version? Thanks Mal
  4. As stated above, the only way I can imagine what you describe happening is if your trem & delay are set so that the mix alters with the sweep of the Exp pedal. Open the editor and check to see if there's a controller assigned to mix or, while playing check and see if the mix changes when you move the pedal. If so, simply remove the assignment.
  5. Looking for guidance as to how to use my HX midi functions to switch channels on my H&K Tubemeister 36 (which is midi equipped and has three channels) and also utilise the power soak features on the amp. Specifically I'd like to incorporate channel switching into an HX preset, or better still snapshots, to save having to use the H&K footswitch to change channels whilst simultaneously changing snapshots on the HX. If this is even possible, I'm convinced that it should be, but am not technically minded enough to figure it out! The goal would be to have, for example, snapshot 1 - amp on Clean channel, full power (36W) then snapshot 2 - amp on Crunch channel and half power, and so on. The midi guide in the H&K manual has left me confused, and I'm struggling with the midi section in the HX manual as well to be honest. Never used midi before but I have a midi in/out cable, I have tried to set it up but so far failed!
  6. Thanks for the replies, kind of reassuring that my ears are not playing tricks on me! Just to be certain I copied a few presets to new locations, removed the Kinky boost from the copied presets and A/B tested against the originals. Definitely sweeter sounding with it in the chain. Had a mess about with it and you can do the same thing with the Klon or Timmy with good results but they seem to need a bit of tweaking depending on which O/D they are in front of, whereas the Kinky Boost just seems to work well for everything. I guess it's going to be an always on block with no switch assigned, set and forget then get creative with the remaining 8 blocks!
  7. Before I went digital I was using an E.P. booster at the front of the signal chain and it was just always on, made everything else sound 'better'. I am now convinced that I need to do the same thing with my HX effects but I also wonder if it's just because I think it ought to sound better, or if it actually does. I've created several presets with it on (tiny bit of drive and bright switch on) but it would be handy to have the extra block that would free up if I remove it, tried EQ'ing my overdrives and/or my amp to compensate but I can't help thinking that there's something missing.
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