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  1. Not sure where you are located but if in Europe it might be worth checking out the (inexpensive) harley Benton GPA-400 from Thomann. I have 3 power amps here: Matrix GT1000 Fryette PowerStation GPA-400 I actually like the GPA-400 the best. Of course it's very subjective but it seems to have a little more punch then the others... and the Output EQ (depth, presence) works better then the Fryette one, I think it's very nice to have to make some quick changes on stage.
  2. Hey guys, yesterday I played around with the global EQ. I used my inears and wanted to check whether I can have another Output EQ on the XLR (or 1/4") then on the headphone out. So I used some pretty drastic settigns to check it out. Oddly enough the headphone out sounded different on everyon of these 3 settigns: - EQ off - EQ on for both - EQ only on for 1/4" or XLR What exactly is beeing output to the headphone out? Cheers Dan
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