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  1. Done and Purchased, many thanks again for your help. Glen
  2. Thanks for your reply. This only gives me a 15 day Trial version, when I go to my account to buy Native the $99.00 price is not available because my Helix is not Authorized to my account - is there another way to get it authorized other than License Manager ?
  3. I'm trying to Authorize my Helix to take advantage of the reduced Native pricing but Line 6 License Manager ver 1.10 will not recognise my connected Helix. Line 6 Updater and Helix Windows Editor all talk to my Helix with no problems. I have temporarily disabled my Anti Virus and used a different USB port but still no luck getting License Manager to find my Helix Floor Unit. I'm using a fully updated version of Windows 10 x64. I phoned the EU support but they wanted the 'Circuit' information but I didn't have a clue what he meant so had to hang up. Glen
  4. Dshow, thanks I must have missed that post - did you try a Gain Block as suggested ?
  5. Can't help thinking this needs to be looked at by Line 6, but why aren't other people complaining of the same issue if its a design problem ?
  6. TexLefty65 Many thanks for your feedback. I reduced the +13.0dB back to 0.0dB and removed my echo unit (Hall and Collins Signature Echo) from between my guitar and the Helix, so plugged my guitar straight into the Helix Guitar input. If I strum very hard I did achieve -6.2dB, but my style of playing is more melodic ballad similar to Hank Marvin (ex Shadows) hence the AC-30. If I plug the Helix 1/4 output into my Steinberg UR22 USB interface I can control the Cubase recording level very easily and it sounds as smooth as silk as opposed to the Helix at +13.0dB which sounds 'strained' - to my ears. I'll just have to forget the Helix USB output, as to me its not suited to my style of playing. Incidentally there is no gain control on the Hall and Collins Echo unit so I have to rely solely on the Helix (or Steinberg USB UR22) for output recording level.
  7. Many thanks, I knew there had to be a way to increase the USB output level, although to raise it to an acceptable record level (just prior to clipping in Cubase) I had to raise the output level +13.0dB, seems a lot. Would raising the level this much effect the quality of the original sound providing I keep within the clipping range of Cubase ?
  8. I'm trying to record into my DAW (Cubase) using USB1/2 but can't get an acceptable level to record with. The Input fader in Cubase only shows the Helix USB input level at just over half. I'm currently using the AC-30 Fawn Normal with 2x12 Bluebell Cab. The amp drive is 5.8, Ch Vol 8.6, Master 10.0 and I have even turned the Cab Level up to maximum +6.0dB which helps very slightly. Obviously I can't use the Main Volume knob as that has no effect on the USB level. Checking back in the forums history I can't find any other posts on this subject so I assume its something I'm doing wrong. What have I missed that increases the USB output level ? Glen
  9. Thanks for your comments Strange they had a similar problem with the POD HD and offered a fix via the ASIO but didn't think to include it with the Helix. I notice somebody else has made a post about how low the output level is when recording to a DAW, post headed 'Global Output Level'.
  10. The 'big knob' has nothing to do will USB 1/2 recording level output. I have picked randomly one of the factory presets, in this case US Small Tweed (others give a similar result). Without any fiddling with levels I should get a reasonable output level from the USB 1/2 multi output directly into a DAW, in my case Cubase 8.5. In all cases I can only get about 50% of the volume needed to make a decent recording level. If I turn the Multi Output level up to + 12dbs or more I do get a reasonable recording level, which is ridiculous. I have tested this with different DAW's and 3 Guitars, all give the same result. The only common factor here is the Helix USB output. I can get over this problem by using the 1/4" Output into another Audio Interface (Steinberg UR22) but that defeats the useful function of the Helix having a direct USB recording output facility.
  11. I'm trying to record directly into Cubase using the USB outlets 1/2 with the Helix ASIO active, however even using most of the User Presets I can only get the volume to go about half way up the Input Fader of Cubase. Thinking this may possibly be a Cubase setting I tried the same with Audacity and again the recording volume was too low. I have to increase the Output Multi level of the patch by something like 10dBs to get somewhere near to a recordable level which is crazy - what am I doing wrong ? Using Firmware 1.06.0 and the latest Driver
  12. Just tried your recommendation above, one thing I'm not sure on - In Global settings, how do I set the USB 7 and 8 to be the Return 1 and 2 inputs, the options are Guitar, Aux, Variax, Variax Mags, and Mic ? Sorry if I have missed something obvious !
  13. Brilliant, many thanks for your help :)
  14. I have read the manual page 44 regarding using the Helix as a audio interface, but still have a couple of questions. I record into Cubase with only a Guitar (usually mono) and a Keyboard (stereo). Obviously I would use the Guitar port on the rear of the Helix and use USB 1/2 to record the guitar part, but how would I 'permanently' connect the stereo output of the keyboard for recording to Cubase via the Helix, and what USB output would I use ? I need to connect the keyboard via the Helix to Cubase without using any of the Helix effects.
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