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  1. just the units. I want buyer to able to register and download Spider IV Edit and FBV Express editors for his computer.
  2. i'm selling a registered amp and pedal and want to know how to transfer ownership/registration to the buyer. Do i simply REMOVE my registration, wait a few days, and ask buyer to set up his account, and register them there?
  3. Typo... meant to say "I'm NOT alone in my concerns". Also would a little reassuring if dealers are required to stock such important/essential parts ongoing. Is every buyer of an L6 product required to buy backup batteries and cables? Safe to say, the Variax guitars will outlast both otherwise. Hope u take my comments constructively. Not intended any other way. In my opinion, these are the only 2 glitches in an otherwise incredible product.
  4. Got it. And I will not test your reply. Love the Variac too much to risk anything. All my L6 gear works impeccably well, year after year. So L6 quality is without question. Pricing for adding a battery chip or diode seems high, nearly double that of comparable Batts for pro video cams WITH proprietary chips that are cross platform compatible. Would also been better to allow generic RJ45 Lan cabling that's available everywhere, should something arise, accidental damage, etc. When on tour, remote jobs, immediate solutions are needed. And next day Fed-X of a L6 cable from GC or Sweetwater rests on them having your cable in stock. I already tried to buy both batt abd cable at my local GC and they won't stock it. Hence my concern is immediate and long term availability of proprietary ONLY parts. We've all had that problem before, and are in a better place when we know we have a reliable supply of essential components to L6 instruments which are otherwise built to last a lifetime. I Bragg heavily about my L6 gear all the time. Just don't liking limitations or pricing in this case. Also stirs hesitation going Fwd when considering newly introduced products. Hope ur engineers can factor my concerns. I've read forums and I'm alone in my view. Thx again. Your support us A1 always and I remain a loyal L6 customer. Thx Bob
  5. Reply from L6 confirms only L6 batteries and cables must b used. Voids warranty if u don't. As for "new laws" compelling exclusivity, I don't buy it. I've got Sony, JVC, Canon, etc. pro cameras custing $20K+ and even generic batteries are fully compatible. Never liked paying $20 for a Stadium beer and hotdog. But if I'm at the game and I'm hungry... well enough said. A minor disincentive. Just gonna budget $100 for a couple batteries. Do competitive products force their batteries and cables too? Curious. Otherwise, I love the guitar.
  6. Understood and appreciated. If it weren't for the $$$$ that i've already invested in 2 Spider IV amps, a longboard and an FBV Express, etc. I love a Helix. Always seems like tons or work to save up for the best gear, then you buy it, and no longer compatible. SImply can't afford to keep doing this. I'll enjoy the Variax but probably won't upgrade until / if a digital direct USB interface makes it to the market. Thx
  7. OK then. So how do i find out what firmware version my guitar has, and where / how do i update if necessary? thx
  8. OK. Looks like I won't be paying the bills again, and instead buying another piece of gear. I would greatly appreciate hearing about any success along thes lines with Presonus Studio One v3.2 Pro. since that's my DAW. Thx for the prompt reply.
  9. For some reason, reply box won't allow me to past URL. so i've attached pic showing URL. The pertinent section starts at 12:50 into the clip's playback, and specifically discusses how to bypass a 3rd party I/O box, and how to connect directly (source pure) digitally to ProTools from the Variax. Very interested in your take on it. Thx
  10. Just bought and registered my 1st Variax Standard, downloaded WOrkbench HD, and was able to connect. On 1st connection, WB-HD downloaded presets from the guitar, and I saved that bundle under a new name. However, it is my understanding that WB-HD has a new "improved" default preset bundle. How can I tell which bundle I have in my Variax? And if not the most current bundle, where can I get it and upload it to my guitar? appreciate any help.
  11. What features can I expect if I connect my Variax to my Spider Mk-IVm75W amps? Have 2 amps, one controlled with a FBV Longboard and the other with FBV Express. Can I either connect the Variax RJ45 directly to the Amp's RJ45 (displacing the pedal boards), or is there any point to connecting the Variax RJ45 to the pedal controllers' RJ45, and then connecting the Pedal controller's USB to a computer? Would any of these get my DAW to recognize my Variax signal. My main point is that I want pure Variax sound, and therefore not simply going thru a 3rd party I/O box (Presonus AudioBox iOne or AudioBox USB Stereo). I just want to record direct to Presonus Studio One v3.2 Pro DAW from my Variax, after seeing a YouTube video that does this w ProTools.
  12. Thx. I saw a YouTube clip which connected the Variax directly to ProTools, bypassing a 3rd party A/D converter I/O box. Hence, my desire to do the same as a Presonus Studio One v3.2 user. The reason given is that it gets the purists sound ever coming directly from the Variax. My initial attempts to use the supplied USB/RJ45 converter works of course, with Workbench HD. So my computer recognizes it. But No Go with my Presonus AudioBox iOne using the Device USB port. Dumbfounded for now. Thx. Ill keep monitoring for help.
  13. Wow. Glad I asked. I guess it's buy some certified Variax batts time. Thanks to all.
  14. As owner of pro video comp, could not overlook battery is identical in form and voltage to Sony camcorder batteries. Anyone notice or try this? Only diff appears to be mAh. My cam Batts are all 3300+. Hope they're interchangeable.
  15. Nut replacement: after 10 yrs classic rock, 20 yrs fusion, I took up flamenco, which forces me to use absolute tips nearest the on my otherwise fat fingers. All my guitars are slim neck and nuts. But new trick for old dog has made a huge difference. Something to consider if u don't want to mess w replacing the nut.
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