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  1. Ok, cool, I'll start resesrching options in tne TB area and figuring it out. Maybe we can figure a time to meet up when you're free, I'm pretty flexible on scheduling. As far as family and being busy, I utterly underdstand! I have an 11-year-old son, along with my wife and I both being in college, so I hear you. I haven't touched my guitars in weeks, but I know I will soon. Thanks for the info and keep rocking.
  2. Thanks for the great vids. As it turns out, I'm about an hour North of you in Inverness, which got me wondering...Did you get to demo this amp before you bought it? I don't remember having seen any in stock in the Tampa Bay area (I demo`d one in Hawaii when I lived there). I'm pretty well sold on buying a rig just like yours but I'd really like to check out the head and the POD HD500X before I drop $2k. Any suggestions are appreciated (your prefferred music stores in the area, where you play out at, anything else...) and thanks! ROCK ON!
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