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  1. I got it! You dont need to make controllers for the mixer, just hard pan paths A and B to L and R there. Make one FS the controller for the "Route to" paramater of the Split A/B block. This will be the A/B toggle. Then assign another FS to the Split A/B block itself (off will be A+B, on will enable the the A/B toggle).
  2. I had not thought about the mixer at all lol. Actually a 2 button aby would be better for me and I think you just gave me the perfect idea for it. I can make FS5 control the Split A/B block (when off it is A+B) and then make FS6 control both "Pan A" and "Pan B" in the mixer to make it the A/B toggle. I'll try this tomorrow and report back. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I'm new to the HX Effects and I have an amp with 2 independent channels (/13 FTR37). I'd like to create an ABY box at the end of the signal flow so that I could toggle between channels or combine both. I started messing with creating a parallel path with a random effect to create a split A/B block, then I was able to assign a footswitch as a controller for A/B (FS5). Things start getting complicated for me when I try to assign another footswitch for the Y function, since it is not possible to assign multiple controllers for the same parameter. I'm thinking about assigning FS6 to turn the A/B block on/off, so that when it is off, it passes the signal to both paths. Would that work? Also, regarding the outputs, I have the mixer setting the B path output to Send12, so it doesnt blend the paths. Is there anyway to accomplish what I am trying to do in a more elegant way, not losing the FX Loops outs, just using regular outputs L+R to do this?
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