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  1. Am I correct in thinking that the Helix Footswitches can not do an CC# command "AND" a PC command at the same time if I'm wrong... HOW... darned if I can figure it out...lol
  2. hey guys.... lets talk about the best way to get an "80's Detune" tone.... what looking for is something that I can get let say -9 ct flat on the left and 11 ct sharp on the right? it seems using Chorus has been my best but my setting just isn't working What are You using?
  3. Well... the Verdict is in....... I return it. LOVE LOVE the Helix ...but the Firehawk isn't for me
  4. To do stereo... you will need (2) atomic wedges... and they are 46lb each.... and if your rig is having a problem...... the CLR's will not get you thru the gig! now.... if i had endless about of cash.... I would have bought (2) CLR no question... but as of now... I'm going to give this 1500 a shot.... unless Line 6 totally failed on the FRFR concept ....the 1500 is going to be perfect for my needs playing live!
  5. That is exactly what I'm going to try! (W/DW preset)..... I'm going to start working on downloading the app's tomorrow ....and the 1500 arrives to my house tomorrow with the new AX8..... I see ALOT of playing the guitar in my near future ;)
  6. Hey Jim.... yea.... I read a lot of about them.... they are probably rated the Best FRFR.... but dang... they are expensive ..... I just can't pull the trigger for 2 of those for $2000..... I went ahead and pulled the trigger for this new FH1500..... Here are the Reasons: 1). I have read in the Line 6 manual it is True FRFR- I will only be using it as a FRFR monitor on stage with either my AX8 or Helix 2). I'm going to only have about $950 total in it to my front door 3). I'm going to be able to have true stereo and only carry one piece of equipment 4). I thinking I will be able to "configure" my system so that I can have a W/D/W rig on stage 5). I can connect straight to FOH via the XLR's outs of the FH1500 (Stereo... no mic'ing cab worries) 6). Lastly but very handy.... lets say In the middle of the gig.. something goes wrong with my rig... I will have Emergency patches ready to finish the night in the FH1500 I will update as soon as I can
  7. wow! I love my Helix with Ownhammer IR's!!!... plus I'm looking for a FRFR system for my new Fractal AX8... and I've always been a fan of Line 6.... I run the full Stagesource PA system live cool cool.... thanks for the reply "Capdoogie" ....it appears you are front and center with the 1500!!
  8. Ok... so no one is using their 1500 as a pure FRFR system?
  9. Hey guys..... I'm in the market for a true FRFR system.... is the Firehawk 1500 a TRUE FRFR system with the benefits of stereo or W/D/W ? I'm current running the Helix and loving it... but I'm looking at the Atomic CLR as a FRFR for on stage so here is my questions: is anyone currently use it as an FRFR only if so... have you ever tried any other brand to be able to compare it? Thanks, Steve
  10. yea, I'm on the lastest version.... however on my windows computer now sure about the version of application i'm on? i've now loaded everthing new on my mac and I will carry it around everywhere I got with the Helix now..... I'm planning on wiping out everything on my studio-window computer later today and starting over with all software
  11. I'm running the lastest version.... 1.06.5 or something :P yes I do backups.... but it is all on my studio computer with is Windows 10 at this point.... lesson learned..... I now will always have a laptop with me, with all my "STUFF" Didn't know this thing would do an auto factory reset anytime it wants....lol
  12. Guys I love this thing but last night at Church Rehearsal the Helix Ready Failed. Should I open a Service ticket? here is the Story: Yesterday- finished dialing in all tones needed for this weeks setlist in my studio, nothing different that I've done since getting the Helix, started to shut everything down as normal, the helix, computer, lights and so on :) loaded everything into my truck.... got to the Church 45 min later... started setting up everything, turned the Helix on and ALL OF MY PRESET were gone!!! only Presets in the machine was the Factory.... Weird thing was that there were presets that looked like "factory" preset in User 1.... in the place of my preset that I use????? Help please! play every week and Gig out live...this can't happen!
  13. schrismer

    Wet Dry Wet Setup

    ok.... so just to be clear.... How do you get the "guitar" input to be assigned to both Path 1 & 2 ....?
  14. schrismer

    Wet Dry Wet Setup

    would it be as simple as placing an "Send Block" right after the "distortion block" and have a cable going into the front of an Amp for The "Dry signal"
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