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  1. I also want to control my two Spiders from one FBV Express mkii! It would be nice to pair theme for a stereo set up. With all the clever stuff Line-6 have invented, i´m suprized the didn´t make stereo setups possible.
  2. Installing Pod Farm on Mojave At first i was´nt allowed to install Pod Farm on my new Macbook Pro running OS 10.14.2 a.k.a Mojave. When i got to the "choose install destination" i was not alowed to install on the Macintosh HD, although theres plenty of disk space. The workaround-solution is pretty much the same as "drifter66" (thanx alot mate!) explains erlyer in this thread; 1. Download Pod Farm lastest version 2. Doubleklick dmg-file 3. Open the package by control-klickin, then choose "show content" from the pop-up menue. 4. Open folder "Contents" and then folder "Packages" 5. Then install the packages manually one by one. A few of the packages still would´nt innstall, but never mind! Just continue to the next one untill you´re done and your Pod Farm should work just fine! (At least mine seems to be working perfectly!) :-)
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