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  1. Many thanks for this - its really helpful, I’ve realised I’ve been under-utilising the Stomp until now and this is just the sort of advice I was looking for to help me take things to the next step and make proper use of the FX loop. Cheers
  2. Hope this is the right place to post - there was no specific HX Stomp option when I started the topic! I've had an HX Stomp since it came out, and whilst I've used a few overdrives etc plugged into the front end before the stomp, I've only now started to use the Send/Return and FX Loop option as I'm building a board for ambient soundscapes with Stymon Timelne, Mobius and Big Sky inserted in the FX Loop. It works and I get sound!! but there is a big disparity in levels between when the loop is switched on and off - even if I boost the levels of the FX Loop to the maximum when the loop is disengaged levels are much higher. Any thoughts please? Also if I chose Line for the loop I get a lot of hiss, similar to when you run a compressor to boost volume - should I use line or instrument?? I'm using new EBS Flat patch cables and a Cioks DC7 to power it all Any help and advice from anyone using a similar set up would be greatly appreciated please :)
  3. Update on this issue, Guitar went back to LINE 6 who replaced the main internal component and it’s working fine now 😄
  4. Looking for help with this problem please: My Recently purchased Variax Standard Guitar gives a loud unpleasant Squealing screeching noise intermittently with acoustic models. Never happens (so far) with other models. Noise continues until I switch off or unplug Guitar. Wanted to use in a live situation but need this rectified first! I’m Using variax with standard guitar lead straight into an Alesis USB mixer and I have updated firmware and ensured battery is fully charged. Is this a known issue? Any help appreciated please
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