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  1. HI, I use the Phones output of the Helix to feed into my personal in-ear monitors. There are times when I need to vary the level of my Helix in my ears. At the moment I can only do this via tweaking the phones volume pot which can get tricking with your foot! I know I could put a volume pedal in-line between the Helix and my monitors but I don't have a spare volume pedal - I do have a spare EXP pedal. Is there a way to configure the external EXP pedal to control the phones volume level? -Dave
  2. ok got it sorted now thanks. However, I now find that if I have the A/B set to route to A 100, then the level of the output is less than if it routes through both delays? Levels are unchanged from defaults - why is routing through 2 delays in parallel resulting in a louder output?
  3. how do you set the common bypass? I have A/B split before the parallel delays and a merge after. One footswitch is set to flip a/b but not sure where to assign the common bypass?
  4. OK - so I'm trying to set something up and struggling so need to know whether I am trying to do something Helix does not support! In my effect chain I have 2 delays, one set at 1/8th note and one at dotted 1/8th. Each of these delays is mapped to a different footswitch so I can turn them on/off independantly. Want I would like to also have is a 3rd footswitch that turns both on/off together - I can do this if I don't have the above footswitch setup, but just don't know if I can do it alongside. Note I am already using snapshots for something else so can't use a snapshot for this. -Dave
  5. thanks all - definitely something in the modelling. Will spend weekend experimenting more but thanks for your input.
  6. Plugging the guitar direct into an amp I have here results in no buzz/noise so it's definitely in the helix models
  7. Hi - new to the Helix and after plugging in my guitar to the input, and then cycle through different factory presets I hear varying amounts of buzz in the output. This sounds very similar to what I would hear from a physical amp so I'm assuming this is actual modelled buzz rather than a connection issue? E.g. Essex 30 has far more than Soupro. Note - I am only using headphone output so there is no potential for ground loops with external amps etc. -Dave
  8. baldgeezer

    Import hlx file

    Hi. Can someone advise me how to import hlx files into my Helix? When I go to import in HXView it only offers hls filetypes?
  9. Hi - can someone please tell me what the roll-off slope is on the low and high cuts on the parametric EQ on the Helix?
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