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  1. I wouldn't mind having two. I don't know how they could improve on this amp. It really makes the HD500 shine and the Line 6 link is brilliant. The only thing I can think of is the possibility of a cosmetic facelift of somekind (they don't need one) or a parting of ways with Bogner. I'm sure the DT25 is selling more than the DT50...maybe they will trim the series down to just the 25. Maybe someone from LIne 6 will make things clear at some point. Fingers crossed I get my new DT50!
  2. I'm just hoping to get another DT50 before whoever runs out of stock. I'm sure the DT25 would do, but I like having that extra 25 watts if needed.
  3. Hmmm. It says no longer available at Sweetwater and Prosound. I hope your right, but that sounds like never planning on having stock to me.
  4. Looks like it. Unavailable at several retailers. I have one on order from MF...hopefully I'm not too late. I missed my DT50.
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