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  1. Turn the gain down to zero and leave the Q to default. Use only the High freq and Low freq knobs. It shouldn't color the sound at all.
  2. Which FRFR do you use? I think your description is spot on to my experience. I tried (in order) a QSC K12, then two K12's, Two Alto TS112A's and finally an Atomic CLR. After the CLR I sold my Amplifire, midi controller, tuner, expression pedal and CLR. It never sounded as good as my old HD500/DT50. This time I bought a HD500X and DT25. For the money, I thought those Alto's sounded pretty good. I wouldn't mind getting another pair someday just to have options.
  3. I'm not knocking the Helix or any other brand out there. If the Helix can ever do what a HD500X can with a DT amp I may have to give it a go, but I'm just really satisfied with my POD right now. In fairness I have owned a HD500/HD500X for 5 years now and know my way around the unit. That is a very important thing for any modeler or amp need to give it time and learn the ins and outs of the thing. The POD isn't plug and play, you have to set it up properly. The deep cab settings was a major upgrade that really solved most of my issues. Using the Mid focus EQ as a HP/LP filter solved the rest. Like I said before you can get these used for $350 or so, and I think it's the best sub $1000 modeler available today.
  4. Thanks! I've been back for awhile, but I felt the need to write about it again after reading the ongoing debate about modelers on other forums. It seems some people just need the latest thing, but a lot can be said about a proven performer. The POD is stable, mature and has a powerful set of features. After trying so many different rigs and setups I can honestly say the HD500X with a DT amp is as good a rig as anything available right now. What could you possibly desire that it doesn't cover 5 different ways? I need to save up and buy another Variax now! Hahaha!
  5. After trying a lot of different rigs, I'm back to a HD500X and a DT25. The DT25 is for live use. I could never bond with a FRFR setup. At home I play my HD500X through my daw direct and it sounds fantastic. I have never played through a helix, Kemper or Axefx, but I don't feel the need for an upgrade at this point. I have owned the Amplifire and it was nice, but I sold it to re-buy a HD500X. I was pretty comfortable with move having owned a HD500 and DT50 for a few years. For the person who just bought the HD500X or the person that can't afford a Helix...I suggest you hang in there and give the HD a chance. It can deliver. There is a learning curve, but we can help. You can buy these used for $350 all day, and it's a freaking steal.
  6. LVM= Low volume mode. DT = DT series amp. DT25 combo, DT50 combo or DT25 head, DT50 head. I know this is an old thread, but I usually have the POD master at 100% and then use the channel volume to level amps, and the DT master as the master volume. I haven't heard a negative with this setup and it prevents blowing my head off when switching to another amp. These are loud amps and I recommend getting into a habit of turning the master down when switching amps and presets.
  7. I have some experimenting to do. I think a lot has to do with the master volume. I'm playing in a small room so the master is down on the amp, but cranked on the POD. I may need to re-think this a bit. Live on stage with the amp turned up I could see things being different. Thanks for the ideas.
  8. So are you saying you use the pre-models with cabinet or full models with cabinet? I haven't ever tried the amp by I'm not comparing them that way. I'm trying to get the HD500X + DT25 to sound like my direct recorded tones from the HD500X.
  9. Sorry. I re-read the OP and there isn't much difference in sound. The MIM sounds plenty good. I love the pups in mine.
  10. It seems to me that using the pre only models is the way to go regardless when using line 6 link and a DT series amp. I'm just not sure why the presets line 6 made have full models on them.
  11. I have both and there is a huge difference between the two. My MIM Strat is the backup (it's a fine guitar)...there's no comparison to be made. My 50th anniversary Strat (2004) is a gem.
  12. Has Line 6 ever clearified if they suggest using full models in LVM? The presets use full models, which seems strange to me. I know this is an old issue, but I have recently returned to this setup...and I'm wondering if Line 6 ever documented what exactly is happening in LVM with Line 6 link?
  13. After trying many modelers I came back to the POD. I had used a HD500 and this time bought the HD500X. Why has the HZ value been removed? Did anyone ever get an answer to this question? Strange move.
  14. The helix can't control a DT amp properly. That's something the HD500X can do.
  15. Thanks for the explanation. I believe I will skip the model packs for now and just stay happy.
  16. hmmm. So if I use the pre-amp only into DT25 (I'm not talking about the new model packs anymore) and then use the DT direct will still use the amp and cab sim for the direct out? That has been my understanding.
  17. So your using the full amp sims even with the DT25? That would seem to double the power amp and speaker stages...power amp sim + DT power amp, speaker sim + DT speaker? I typically use the pre amp only from HD500X into DT25 and use it's real power amp and speaker...Am I understanding you guys correctly?
  18. Yeah, I have a HD500X. I was wondering if I could still select the amp without cabs and use the DT. I would guess the DT will recognize the selection and switch topologies accordingly? Dumb question maybe, but I want to make sure they work as expected before I buy. Which deep editing parameters are missing? Thanks.
  19. So is there anything I need to know about how these work with the DT amps? Do they work just like the standard HD amps or are they different or limited in any way? Just asking before I buy. Thanks.
  20. On another forum...I was told by someone that works for Line 6 that the DT50 will not be manufactured at this time, but they are keeping the parts for them until further notice. The DT25 will still be built. He didn't say anything about the rest of the DT series. Take it for what it's worth.
  21. I believe they still have the DT25's for $999 at MF and Sweetwater. I was tempted to buy the DT50212, but I hate the idea of lugging that thing around. I sold my Atomic Amplifire/CLR rig to get back into the HD500/DT rig. I think I was almost too late.
  22. After shopping online all weekend I finally found a DT25 combo on Ebay (for $550) that looks like it's in new condition (can't be in worse shape than the one I got from MF). So now I'm happily back in the HD500X/DT family!!! Hopefully the DT25 will have enough clean headroom to make me happy...I've heard good things and I used my DT50 in LVM more often than not. Now if the 25 is discontinued too, maybe I can get a good deal and go stereo at some point.
  23. My order has now been cancelled. MF say they are out of stock (DT50 112) and they will not be back. Still not a word from Line 6 on this? They do still have 10 DT50 212's in stock for $899 (which is a steal), but that's more than I wanted to spend and those amps weigh a ton. I'm not to sure about buying a discontinued amp anyway. I woud guess Zhorell is right and a new Yamaha amp is on the way...anyhoo, I tried to come back to Line 6. Now I'm not sure where to go. Have any of you tried the Blackstar ID series?
  24. MF is out of stock and they said the will not be getting anymore of these. So I gave them the option of giving me a great deal on the 212 or giving me a refund. I may have a HD500X for sale pretty's a shame.
  25. It doesn't look good to me. I just checked and MF doesn't have any either. My exchange will probably not happen. I'm trying to replace my HD500/DT50 rig from a few years back, but it's looking difficult. I have a HD500X on order...but I may have to re-think this whole thing. I don't really want to go with a stack (the DT50 head is still available but the cab isn't) and I'm about out of money. They may offer me a deal on the DT50 2X12, but I bet that thing is heavy! We'll see what happens.
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