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  1. Firmware: v2.71.0 HX Stomp Global Settings: FS1 FS2 TAP Bug: Cycling through presets with Stereo LA studio comp as the last effect results to a 'volume swell' (Step by step description of how to reproduce bug) Create multiple direct presets with stereo LA studio comp effect in the end Cycle through them quickly There's an audible 'volume swell' when changing from patch to patch
  2. I've had the Helix floor for over a year now. Recently I noticed that some of the footswitches are doing "double press". I press on it once and it reads two presses. This is annoying especially when trying to turn a block on or off. I tried "cleaning" the problematic footswitches but the problem is still there. Now, my local dealer says that my warranty expired already, which is a total bummer since I guess in the US the warranty for Line6 products is 2 years. What can I do to fix those footswitches? I really love Helix but this makes me think twice to just go stompboxes. :(
  3. I already got a response from Igor from the Facebook group, he said if now, no. But in the future it's possible, but hard to do and will require lot of resources. Well.. :(
  4. Yup we have 4 paths. What I am saying is like "virtual parallel split". So you wont have to sacrifice the whole 1B path just to have two amps in parallel
  5. There's a feature in Boss GT-1000 where there's a number of parallel routing options, like this: I'm kind of hoping for the same feature in Helix. This is killer if Helix would have this because we won't be needing to dedicate the entire second path just to make an effect or amp routed in parallel I'm wondering if the current code architecture can allow this to happen. Hmm
  6. It seems like the editor is unusable unless the device is connected (I don't own one). Does the earlier version of the software allow offline use?
  7. I really use my patches as mono in live situation. When I playback the recorded audio from the live performance, the guitar is really out of phase. I just want a nice in phase mono guitar sound coming out of the pod. So panning the mixer away from the center might solve this problem?
  8. Is there any option that doesnt involve adjusting anything from the PA mixer? I am thinking there might be some trick done inside the unit that can solve this.
  9. The problem is, our PA system is running mono. How about that? I can't run this thing in stereo as all channel strips are already in use.
  10. My patches are stereo internally because of the delay and reverb after the amp and mixer. When listening to the recorded tone over usb, it sounds right. But when I plug the pod directly to PA via 1/4 inch jack to DI box, the tone sounds out of phase. I plug the pod to a DI box because I know that the 1/4 inch output sums up the left and right output. How can I correct the out of phase output?
  11. It's been a long time since I visited this forum as I have found a good combination of settings for the guitar I'm using (Brit J45 amp, some overdrives and delays). However, I'm planning to redo my patches again as I got some comments that my guitar tone sounds somewhat thin, lacking body and whatnots. Surprisingly, the 'Son of Plexi' patch sounded good on my guitar. But I had to do some minor tweaks to it (reduce the boost comp gain, set mixer to center, reduce channel volume, resonance 0%,thump 20%, decay 20%). I also switched the midfocus effect to a tube comp. I will make it my main patch from now on. Now I want to know how much top end I should roll off using the GEQ as I use it also as a tone shaping tool. My current settings for the GEQ are low cut 100hz, high cut 7.5khz. Am I cutting so much high end?
  12. Just want to confirm if this is the case.
  13. I'm wondering if Line6 has any plan to make this kind of effect...
  14. scias23

    Helix Demo Videos

    hey DI, can the XLR out level be configured independently of the master volume control? Like in X3?
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