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  1. So I got a good deal on an HD Desktop. I've been busy all weekend so I've only put maybe 2 hours in it but so far I am really glad I got this thing. It is, in fact, right for me. I was going to record some A/B comparison of the 2.0 and the HD but I don't even need to, it's so obviously better sounding. I'm really looking forward to recording this thing. Screw the limitations, the things it's capable of are worth it.
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    Do you think it's likely/unlikely they'll make a Desktop X too? I have a decent price on a used one but if the prices are going to drop further, I ought to wait... Then again if the non-X versions can be upgraded with firmware the way it sounds like, maybe the prices won't drop. What to do. EDIT: also, are they spacing out their announcements over the course of NAMM this weekend, or is HD500X the only thing we're going to see from them this summer?
  3. That's why, for live use, I want to use my amps, because they sound great and are simple. My aim is for home recording, where I have the time and patience to dial in the right sound. So for my uses, a POD is pretty ideal.
  4. Thank you so much for the responses! I have heard good things about, namely that the HD modeling is an improvement over the earlier modeling, and that the clean sounds are very good. Most of the reports I've heard are from people who love high gain metal sounds, so it's just been a little tough to gauge if it's right for me since I don't chugga-chugga much these days. My experience with the 2.0 has prepared me pretty well, I think. I don't expect to just plug in and get amazing sounds; the stock patches on the 2.0 were awful as well, but I was able to sculpt some great sounds. I'm not afraid to sit down and work with it to get the kinds of sounds I like. I'd be getting the desktop bean, not the HD500 floor pedal thing. I dunno if that matters. I was reading the other threads here and it sounds like Line 6 might be releasing some new stuff at NAMM this summer. Maybe it's best if I wait for new announcements. I might be able to get the HD Desktop for cheaper that way. What do you guys think? OH am I able to use my Roland EV-5 expression pedal with it? Thanks again for helping me out.
  5. Hi. I've been using a POD 2.0 (desktop) since probably 2005 or 2006. It's been really handy and great for practicing and home recording but I wanted to upgrade since it's so old and I've worn through all its sounds. I've been thinking about upgrading to the HD desktop but wasn't certain. I'd be using it entirely for home recording and practicing, not live. I have about 15 years of experience as a musician and 10 years as a recordist, so I'm pretty confident in getting the sounds I want, since I have a fairly solid understanding of signal flow, EQ, compression, etc. I'm a little dubious because this version doesn't allow dry recording through the USB like the X3 did (why doesn't it?), and allegedly the processing power craps out pretty quickly, especially when using dual amps. I think it's a little misleading to boast the dual amp feature and all the available effects when you can't take advantage of them fully. So these things have given me a little doubt. Also it's been a while since the HD came out, right? What if they come out with some new stuff suddenly and I can't upgrade because they pull their support, like Apple and Google often do? Also, no bass amps? Also, are the effects really any good? Also, I hear about a lot of glitches. Basically, what can I expect really? Am I upgrading horizontally, as it were? I'm worried the unit makes a lot of promises it doesn't keep. Help a brother out? Thanks so much for reading and for any help or advice you can offer.
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