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  1. Hi there and greetings from germany! This is Rüdi, I play in a hobby-rock-coverband actually, and I like the possibilities and flexibility of my POD HD500X. But I think about buying a new unit (G.A.S.). The Helix is to much (I could, but do not want to spend >€850,- for a used LT or 1000,- more), I´m deciding between POD GO and Mooer GE300 Does the POD GO have Setlists as the 500X? As some years ago I had 2 or Bands some time ago, it was nice to have one Setlist for the pop-rock-coverband, one for the KoRn-Coverband and maybe one for the Punkrockcoverband. Or are there 100+ Presets 1 ABCD 2ABCD 3ABCD in a row? I do not want to have 100 presets in Use, so I like to keep it as simple as possible. At the 500X I got used to have 4 sounds A Clean B Crunch C Rhthm D Lead and optional effects 1 Screamer 2 Delay 3 Modulation 4 Boost at each sound at each ABCD-bank. My Issues is, will I get used to have ABCD, and If i want to add a chorus, I will have to press one additional switch for FX-mode. When I really think about it I only use 5-6 banks ABCD and at some songs an additional flanger or chorus or leslie or e specific sound at B… So would get used to the POD? ABCD and if in a song I need an flanger, I have to press Mode change and then the flanger. Other option: I´m in Preset C, and switch to Snapshots an choose snapshot 2 (with flanger for example) And, question: If I then want to go back from Preset C snapshot 2 to clean = Preset A, and then go back to Preset C – which snapshot ist he active? I´ll be thankful for every 2 cents which will push me to buy one. Rüdi
  2. Hi there, actually I have my Pod HD500X mounted into a kind of mixer case ~ 80cm x 45 cm, the receiver of my relay lays beside the pod, power supply behind the Pod. I am using this already for a long time as transmitter: https://www.session.de/LINE-6-XD-V35-L.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiZ2whIXB2gIVA6oYCh1TLARfEAQYDyABEgKy8vD_BwE I´d like to have a smaller board. --> I am thinkin about mounting my pod hd 500x on a pedaltrain 60x40 cm (or similar from palmer). my question is, if I mount the receiver XD-V35 beneath the pedaltrain , and that means also for the receiver to be consealed a little bit under the pod, will this have an effect on the receiving quality? I hope you understand my question in my bad english:-) Have a nice day! Regards Rüdi
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