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  1. So far I love it as a guitar amp, but I'm just jamming around the house, and I just got it yesterday. I had hoped it would replace my POD HD500 but I need to play more to decide that.
  2. I have the 150. The sound is decent but does not blow me away, probably because there doesn't seem to be any way to adjust EQ/tone for streaming music without doing it from the streaming device. Changing things on the amp or in the app only seems to affect guitar tone. No real manual available currently, so I have no idea whether that's correct/intentional or if I've just overlooked something. It's certainly a hell of a lot louder than my other bluetooth speakers.
  3. I haven't found it, either. The Pilot's Guide says that it, too, is available via the website but clearly isn't.
  4. meph210

    Ipad Air Support?

    Works fine from my iPad Air.
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