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  1. I have a ux2 and have used monkey to fully update everything, the issue I am having is the analog left and right outputs are not working properly. My left analog out directly to a KRK Rokit produces no sound, changed cords same silent output - nothing but on the ux2 i see left side meter jumping, and via headphones i hear left side fine. I swap to right analog out (to either krk), and using multiple cords, and I have sound but it's got an overdriven gain type sound with an annoying pop if i go much louder than talking voice levels. If I put headphones in via the front jack it's clear and tracks are clearly L and R. So I believe something internally has failed and my analog outs aren't working now :( I also have a profx10 soundboard and ran the analogs to the board L/R and same type of thing, left feeds nothing right is distorted and has pops if turned up. I then ran a split cord from the UX2 headphone jack to the board inputs and that worked 100% fine, I can hear left and right separation and no distortion. Has anyone else ever experienced this type of thing before? I've gone thru everything i can find in my soundcard and line 6 stuff but I cannot find anything that is set off like a L/R Balance etc. I even tried different methods of video audio playback (software wise) VLC, Youtube, Windows Media Player all same results, I guess somehow it could be my soundcard but if i just put regular headphones in or pc stereo speakers that all seems to work fine. I haven't even tried to get this open to peek in there to visually see if it's something simple like a wire or jack issue, but if this thing is dying is there another line 6 device i can buy and use in it's place since they don't make this anymore so i can still use my podfarm tones and various "packs" I have bought over the years?
  2. I bought this Relay G10 new in 2017, used it for a few months never an issue usually an hour or more at a time, we had our basement finished so most of my stuff went into storage, and yes things got delayed and whatnot so it sat in a tote here for a while, last weekend my room was finally done plugged in the G10 let it charge up for almost 2 days full green solid light, but when I went to use it I got about 15 mins total before it flashed red and stopped working. I plugged it back in figured a few cycles of use and recharge might help, but so far after a few days of doing that no luck, yesterday I updated the firmware to the transmitter and base pretty straight forward process, plugged back in let it sit overnight and today another 15 mins or so and it's flashing red. Pretty frustrated, wondered if anyone had a suggestion or idea what else i can do to get it working longer? Bill
  3. Having the exact same issue, base and transmitter flashing in random fashion no matter how many times I re seat the transmitter into the base as the troubleshooter speaks of, I plug it into the guitar it's dead no response, I tried a different wall outlet, confirmed my usb cable is firmly placed into the cord as well as the back of the base, heck I even cleaned off the transmitter tip thinking who knows, although this is new, has only been used about 25 mins total the day I got it to test it out. I have a email off to Sweetwater about it hoping my rep will take care of me, really bummed as this was my first night to come down stairs and play some guitar and I was excited to try it out on a few guitars yet all I get is the flashing red and a dead transmitter in hand despite putting it into the base firmly (the help thing just says it isn't inserted correctly) well I sure have seated it in there and double checked connections, all i get is both flashing randomly speed wise red in color. I haven't opened a support ticket yet - I sure am hoping sweetwater just replaces it for me. :(
  4. I have a ux2 and podfarm i was looking for an octaver am i missing it i don't see one unless it's within something else? I have added the metal shop, fxjunkie, classics, packs but as I scroll around and thru things I am just not seeing and octave option. Thanks for any help maybe i am just missing something simple
  5. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but I have a Line 6 UX2 that when I go thru my list of tones here some don't work, some i don't like, some require add on packs I don't have, I have made a folder in my C drive and saved my custom tones those all work fine, but the question i have is how do I remove all the tones in the ux2 that either don't work or I don't like? I would like to narrow that list way down as most of them I don't care for in the first place.
  6. Thank You for all the help! I was about to give up on this thing, I just did the factory reset by holding down the vol and tone button while turning the unit on, then resynched to ipad and finally yes i think it's working, i see the banks and I see the tone names vs empty! By doing the factory reset, do i need to go redo the firmware update for 2.10 again or did it retain that?
  7. I downloaded the amplifi utility, then updated the firmware on the amp via usb to 2.10 no problems, said successful, then I updated the drivers as it recommended no issues, restarted amp and ipad (which I had deleted and reinstalled the amplifi app v 2.0 on), and now I see on the left in amplifi window my banks but only bank 1 has tones, the rest of the banks all say empty.
  8. I deleted and redownloaded the app on ipad, restarted ipad, signed into the app with my line6 acct, seems to look the same, can you verify at this screen (attached image) should I see more than bank 1?
  9. The app shows firmware 2.0 yep they are paired cuz I can go grab a tone from the tone bank and it will zap right over to the amp no problem, and I can adjust the amp make a custom tone via the app exclusively vs touching the amp itself blue light constant, shows connected in ipad, just in that portion of the app that I screen shot all i see is bank 1 and those first four tones. Not having any experience with these amps or the app are all 25 banks supposed to show in that window that i took a shot of? Mabye I should try to erase and redownload the app on ipad, I think I even read you could set the amp back to default too maybe try that as well. I saw there was an update to the amp but I think that was moreso to do recording via usb so didn't think i needed to do that (didn't think it would effect my presets). Kinda stumped. Bill
  10. In Ipad I only see Bank 1 and 4 tones (attached screen shot of my ipad) I only even see Bank 1, unless I am missing something am I supposed to see the other banks via the ipad app too? That's kinda what I thought I should be seeing all 25 banks with 4 different tones in each one like that pdf showed. The one thing I wondered was maybe someone erased them? This was a floormodel demo from sweetwater that I just got in the mail, although it seems and looks brand new maybe someone was in there goofing around and erased the other banks? Bill
  11. I have an amplifi 150, first night messing with it can't find my book, went online to grab Pilots Guide and saw this pdf that showed 25 presets ok, I get how to cycle between A B C D with the preset button, and I have the app loaded on my ipad as well, so i see bank one and these 4 tones, but where or how do I access the 25 presets shown in the pdf? Say if I wanted to hear Bank 17 C Rock: Crunch, how do I get to it, if it's a preset where is it stored, do I need a footpedal to access it? In the ipad app I only see bank 1 with 4 tones, I see the pdf with 25 banks and each bank has an A B C D but I just can't figure out how to get to them. =========== I also have a question about the physical knobs on top of the amp, if I am in the tone search and find a song or artist I am interested in, say Dio Holy Diver, where do I need to have the settings on the amp knobs to replicate the most accurate reproduction of that tone? I noticed when I dialed the tone in but moved my knobs it changed the tone considerably, so what marker points should my knobs be at if I search a tone and want to hear as close to what the creator intended me to hear? Sorry if these are such basic questions, honestly I am kinda lost here coming from just basic amps with vol tone gain etc, I want to be friends with this thing but so far I am just not quite understanding it all. Bill
  12. I knew it was something simple, I went into the mixer part of pod farm sure enough right at the top it was set to instrument (never remembered even doing that), set it as Mic 1 and bam instant sound thank you!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I have a ux2 with podfarm fully updated thru the monkey, never had a problem with it using the guitar input, so when buddy gave me a XLR mic and cable I hooked it up thinking I could record in thru that but so far I haven't figured out how to get it to work at all. I took the mic and cable to my Church today to confirm the mic and cord are fine (and they are) so I am trying hard to figure out what the problem is between the ux2 and the computer not being able to hear sound thru it. I even tried a different program (audacity) and changed the input device to everything it offered (like 3 choices) none worked, I then tried in the ux2 podfarm 2.57 i think it is setting it to a warm vocal patch, but I can't figure out how to get the ux2 to produce sound. In windows 7 I have the LIne 6 ux2 setup as the playback default device, also under the recording tab I have the digital audio interface line 6 ux2 as default device, This might even be something very simple idk, but I sure couldn't figure it out yesterday so I figured I would ask to see if someone else had been in this same spot before and or some other ideas to check try or do settings wise? Bill
  14. I watched a few namm videos and the Andertons video of this amp and it's got me so interested, just waiting for some real user videos reivews on youtube or here I guess. I want to use this as a bluetooth speaker for music too so I am leaning towards the 150 thinking it has to sound more full with the larger speaker (really wish I could get a review of them side by side doing music playback with the user input on difference in bass and sound overall from the smaller vs bigger speaker etc.
  15. FTLOSM

    Ipad Air Support?

    I don't have the amp yet but I can confirm the app downloaded and is letting me play around with it so far on my ipad air 64gb running IOS 7.0.4
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