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  1. No, a USB cable was not connected in either of the two freezes.
  2. Hi team! My HX Stomp has frozen/hung twice now. Once when I edited a distortion pedal in a present (directly on the unit), and once yesterday during boot up (boot up never completed). Is this common? I have FW 2.71 installed. Regards Georg
  3. Hi team! Maybe this is a RTFM-question but I've always wondered what the result will be for a stereo preset if you connect the HX Stomp to a PA using only one cable (mono). Will you get only the left channel or will HX Stomp mix both channels and send them out as mono (in Main Output Left)?
  4. Hi team! I can read in the manual that momentary switches should be used if you want to connect extra footswitches (FS 4 and FS5) to the HX Stomp. However, I do not understand if the momentary switches should be of the type "Normally open" or "Normally closed". Does anyone know? Maybe it does not matter since it's not specified in the manual? Regards Georg
  5. Or it could just stand for "Transmitter"... ;-)
  6. YES! In this video both work according to manual but in my post you wrote that your base station flashed red during charging and that is not correct. Do you agree? :-)
  7. That is not correct behaviour. The base unit should show solid white and the TRANSMITTER should be flashing red or green. Flashing red means that less than 30 minutes of play time remains while flashing green means more than 30 minutes remains. When charging I completed the TRANSMITTER should show solid green. If you think I am wrong show me where in the manual it describes the way your units behave. Yes, the transmitter charges so it will work but the LED signals are incorrect and does not provide the information they should.
  8. I think I fould the answer myself. :-) It seems the G10T is only the transmitter. Hence you can buy the transmitter separately. To use with Line6 "Wireless Ready" products or as a spare/replacement.
  9. I just noticed that Line6 have published a manual for a G10T model. Anyone knows the difference between the G10 and the G10T?
  10. Yes, both units should act according to the manual. The way it acts in the first video linked to above is incorrect. The base station should always show a white light and the transmitter should always blink red or green when charging and show fixed green when charging is completed.
  11. I just got an answer on my support ticket. The answer was that my G10 is faulty and needs to be replaced. Everyone having this problem should do the same.
  12. I have tried your approach and even if it got the unit to charge with correct LED lights once, the problem returns. Your videos show the same problem. I can only conclude that both your and mine unit are faulty and should be returned/replaced.
  13. These videos show a faulty unit. It should not act like that. I just got an answer on my support ticket. The answer was that my G10 is faulty and needs to be replaced. Everyone having this problem should do the same.
  14. Just tried charging it again. It pulsed red just as before. Pulled out the transmitter once more and plugged it in again without connecting it to a guitar first. All of a sudded the base station lights solid white and the transmitter LED flashes green. Very odd but it seems to be working now.
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