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  1. I have been an avid fan of the earlier G30 and then the later G10 wireless units, always worked a treat and gave flawless service with good audio. I had two G10's up until around Oct/Nov last year when I had to move one of them on due to it constantly dropping out. One is used for bass and the other is being used by the rhythm guitarist, that one still works great. So I managed to pick up a used Shure GLXD16 which is built like a tank, has at least a 6ft power cord and produces great audio along with a host of other good features. The strobe tuner being just one and the fact that it constantly scans for free channels. Here in the UK the Shure's are around £400.00 to buy, so not cheap, but you get what you pay for. :)
  2. We have 2x G10's and an G30 all being used on stage alongside my iPad, for the most part I haven't suffered any real problems. but lately I have been experiencing drop outs with my G10 which I use for bass, yet the other G10 that is being used by the rhythm guitarist has been fine. It was so bad I had to switch back to a cable. It is something I am going to asses a bit further and if no change, I will be selling one of the G10's and possibly buy an Shure wireless system or not bother at all and carry on using a cable.
  3. Think 4 or possibly 5 is the limit due to the limited channels the G10 has to work with. :)
  4. Same here, bought both my G10's when they were first released here in the UK, one lives permanently connected in a Boss pedal board, but my other G10 that I use for bass has been plugged and unplugged hundreds of times without any problems whatsoever. Apart from the two units frequencies getting crossed a few weeks back (my fault) and then being completely unusable on Saturday night, these are the only times I have had times to complain. Last Saturday nights constant drop outs which led me to switching off the G10 and going back to a cable was possibly caused by having my router positioned to close to the G10. :)
  5. Thanks for your replies, I hadn't even considered that. Usually both transmitters are inserted into their respective base units prior to show start to keep them fully charged and never had the above problem. In future once sound checks have been done we will leave the transmitters plugged into the guitar.
  6. Been using two G10's now for about 12 months and in that time done a lot of gigs in all manner of venues without too much fuss, in fact it has been really quite a pain free experience considering the reports I have read on here from other G10 users. Last night, like most gig nights we do, we had a sound check where both G10's are used simultaneously, one for bass and the other for rhythm and everything worked as is. Come to start of the show, the G10 that is used for my bass was still plugged into the guitar waiting to be awoken, the other was plugged into the base unit. For some strange reason there is no sound coming from the G10 plugged into the bass guitar, but as soon as I removed the the other G10 from it's base unit the bass guitar comes through the rhythm guitar amp and the G10 for the rhythm amp when inserted into the guitar just cuts out the bass guitar. So I unplugged them both really hastily (at this point the other two members are part way through out opening number) and inserted them both back into their base's so they would both lock onto a free channel each and then replugged them back into their corresponding guitars, no joy at all. I ended up putting a lead into the bass guitar and running the rhythm off it's normal G10 that worked fine all night. This is the first time that this has happened and hopefully the last. The only other device within range that is operating on 2.4ghz is my router that is plugged into my A&H QU-SB rack mixer so I can run my iPad, now that router is an Apple Airport Express and set to a fixed ip address and to channel 100 within the 2.4 spectrum, would this pose a problem? Anyway, after looking embarrassed we got on with the show and had a good night, but it has certainly given my doubts for future gigs using the Line 6 G10's, if is likely to happen again the two of will either go back to the tried and tested cable or I may opt over and check out Shure GLX-D system, more expensive, but worth it if reliable. :)
  7. But if the base unit is permanently fixed in one location there shouldn't be any need to modify the poor USB input on the G10, mine has been in my board since purchasing upon release in the UK without any problems. Even my other one that is used for bass was bought at the same time and that has done a lot of gigs and is packed away after every show. Although I do envisage the USB input to fail, so far so good.
  8. Hi, I encountered that same problem, so I had my tech make this mod for me so I can have my base unit powered from my 9v supply from my Boss BCB board. Small 9v to 5v step down convertor that sits just nicely in the recess were the cables go. http://line6.com/support/topic/21552-how-to-power-g10-from-a-standard-pedal-board/
  9. My bad, completely forgot about those models. :)
  10. It definitely isn't a problem for me and most certainly wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if it was to fail, which I am sure it will considering the price point. If you want something that is bullet proof or at least built for everyday touring, Sennheiser or Shure is the way to go, but you will pay a great deal more for that build quality. :)
  11. If that does happen it will not be the end of the world, I will just my tech to hardwire it. As this unit doesn't move, whereas my other G10 that I use for bass may end up having a similar mod done to replace the USB input, but until then I will wait until it fails before modding. Have plenty of guitar cables in my case in the event of a failure, so no big deal. :)
  12. This was the mod I had done so I could power my G10 from a standard 9v pedalboard power supply without damaging the G10. And as the unit was in situ and wasn't going to be moved I didn't feel it necessary to modify the USB input. http://line6.com/support/topic/21552-how-to-power-g10-from-a-standard-pedal-board/
  13. http://line6.com/support/topic/21552-how-to-power-g10-from-a-standard-pedal-board/
  14. I have tried using the XLR out direct to my A&H QU-16 desk just to see if there were any noticeable differences in tone between the 1/4" and XLR outputs. The XLR was unusable due to hum, all equipment were plugged into the same power source. I have a mate with the same set up as me and he also tried the XLR out, he suffered the same problems, even swapped cables to make sure that wasn' the fault. Who know's.
  15. Update on this for me. When turning down all volumes on whatever guitar I have my G10 plugged in to will enable it to go in to "Sleep Mode".
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