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  1. Dear All, I saw this post in the archive and thought I'd give it a try : http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/90291. Works excellently but I use a slightly different method to the original thread. I have it setup so that it enables the high gain channel for specific patches : Download and install MIDI-OX : http://www.midiox.com/ Send the following SysEx command to the Relay to configure the relay to be closed (clean channel) for specific patches, the relay will be open (high gain channel) for patches not specified in the list : F0 00 00 50 06 03 00 nn ... nn F7 Where nn ... nn is the list of patches you want the relay closed. Works like a dream and just makes me wonder why Line6 don't include a relay in the pod to allow amp control direct from the POD. Cheers, John
  2. Thanks Gear Head, > this is the price you pay to use advanced technology: less money but sometimes more thinking and reasonings Sorry, I have to completely disagree. Androids and iPhones are way more complex and advanced than this and they don't even come with a manual. I have used several other products similar to the HD500. They are way easier to use and you won't find any deep discussions on the internet discussing the quirks of the device. Unfortunately the amp emulations are not up to the same standard :-( Cheers, John
  3. Thanks very much for all the feedback. The NG is right at the start of the chain. I didn't want this to descend into a whole debate about how to configure the inputs - hollis1003 : I too would like to use your configuration (so I can swap amps without that glitch when I swap patches) but there are some very good reasons here (http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/quickGuide#quirks) why you should not. where to locate the amps (splitter / path a / path b) put connectors in the correct output socket to change the stereo/mono configuration. (how crazy is that) ! At the end of the day, if I put a real NG in front of a real amp, it doesn't do this so why should it do it when I am using my POD ? I guess this is just one of the many quirks that we have to put up with when using Line-6 gear ;-) Cheers, John
  4. I only want to use mono mode so I read a lot that the best thing to do is use Input 1 = Guitar and Input 2 = Variax. I have placed my amp on path A, before the mixer. If put a noise gate in the chain then I find that the signal level is higher when the NG is enabled and lower when disabled. Cheers, John
  5. If I set the pitch change on the POD to -2.0 then it reads -2.1 in Edit. I have double checked with Monkey that I have all the latest s/w installed. Is this a known bug ? Cheers, John
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