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  1. Any other ideas? I feel like it may not be a setting problem, as then wouldn't the spdif outs reflect the same issue?
  2. Just checked, panning for both Tone 1 and Tone 2 are centered.
  3. I recently noticed when recording from the direct outs going straight to my interface that the left channel is about 4db louder than the right channel. I've tried different mic cables with the same result. I tried through multiple ins on my interface with the same result. I tried spdif and that worked perfectly. Unfortunately I use another piece of gear with my spdif input and would like to use the POD X3's direct outs instead. Also, this problem has not always existed. I use this thing a lot and in a variety of different ways (live and in the studio) so I'm not sure exactly when it started. This is an X3 Live by the way, not the rack mount. Any ideas?
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