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  1. No, the real problem is not Microsoft. Line6 has a shoddy record for driver support. The buck stops with Line6. Other firms have released drivers for a while now. Nice try.
  2. It's not just the software issue. Line6 clearly stated on the website that their driver supports Win10 (I use other software which works with Win10). Some of us were foolish to take them at their word and upgraded. The blame and responsibility lies squarely with them. I work in I.T and usually don't make these kinds of rookie mistakes but I've never had a driver issue from a company that claimed their driver actually works for a given O/S. They'll only alienate their customers by letting this drag on for months by devoting their resources and manpower for new product development, or whatever other "higher priorities" they feel they currently have. The CEO should hold responsible those in tech who made false claims with regards to the current driver...mickey mouse outfit looks like.
  3. Yep, I will have to ditch the UX1 and get a competitor's product--and tell others not to buy Line6 because they don't support their products. Looks like they take their business for granted. Tough economic times for everyone except them looks like. This is how companies go belly up. How hard can it be to design a dang driver?
  4. Upgraded to Win 10 x64 for my UX1 Where'd me sound go? Sent ticket....now I have to reinstall back to win 8.1. :(
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